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Where to find Fecund Blessings in Genshin Impact for Of Ballad and Brews

Happy Weinlesefest.

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It’s Weinlesefest, a fall-time festival not unlike Oktoberfest in Genshin Impact. This festival, which happens to coincide with the Genshin Impact anniversary, stars the Traveler taking on festival chores and helping Razor find out the truth about his parents. Fecund Blessings is just one of the many mini-games designed to pad players’ pockets out with Mora and resources in time for the gacha RPG’s birthday bash. However, not all of us have the time to complete the scavenger hunt on our own. Some people are having trouble tracking down every chest for the scavenger hunt mini-game, which is what this guide is for.

Here’s how to find every Fecund Blessings chest during the Genshin Impact Of Ballads and Brews event.

Where to find every Fecund Blessings chest

The Fecund Blessings scavenger hunt is split into three different days. This map combines all the locations from those three days in one. Happy hunting!

Fecund Blessings Day 1: When the Wind Blows

Note 1: Back of Weinlesefest stage

  • Character: Barbara
  • Clue: Happy Weinlesefest! I've placed the gift near the stage at the Wine Market. I hope that this gift will make the day of the person who finds it.

Barb gave us an easy one. The first Fecund Blessings chest is located at the Weinlesefest venue in the green-carpeted stage area.

Note 2: Next to the lake in Springvale

  • Character: Old Finch
  • Clue: I have left my honest well-wishes beside the spring fairy.

Old Finch is always muttering on about spring fairies, so it makes sense that he’d hide his chest near the small spring at the center of Springvale. It’s not right in the middle of the spring but on a ledge beside the water.

Note 3: Wagon behind Springvale House

  • Character: Jotun
  • Clue: The gift is near the house at the southernmost tip of Springvale.

Jotun, one of Draft’s hunting buddies, hid his chest at the back of Springvale right before the Springvale Lake waypoint. It should be waiting in the back of a wooden wagon.

Note 4: Behind Cat’s Tail

  • Character: Viktor
  • Clue: I placed my gift behind a shop in Mondstadt City. The cats here are quite cute, and the cocktail made by that angry bartender is pretty good — not a match for our Snezhnayan Fire-Water, but still!

Who knew our Fatui friend Viktor was a cat lover? Teleport into the center of Mondstadt and head toward the same area as the Souvenir Shop. Cat’s Tail is one of the alley taverns that isn’t marked on the map, but the chest tracking icon will pop up as soon as you get close to it.

Note 5: In front of the Barbatos statue

  • Character: Grace
  • Clue: Thank Lord Barbatos for granting Mondstadt this lovely harvest. I have placed my gift at his feet.

Thankfully, Grace saves us the trouble of climbing Barbatos’ statue. Teleport to the point nearest the Church of Favonius and swoop toward the gigantic statue of Mondstadt’s Archon. The chest should be waiting at the foot of the statue.

Note 6: Behind Angel’s Share

  • Character: Charles
  • Clue: The gift has been placed at the rear gate of Angel's Share.

There’s no need to decipher this clue. Follow Charles’ instructions and check the back of Angel’s Share for the chest. It should be next to the bunch of barrels at the rear.

Note 7: On top of the Church of Favonius

  • Character: Amber
  • Clue: Mondstadt has a place with a truly excellent view. Have you been there? I'll give you another hint. It's very, very, very high up! Take care when you head up there!

Yes, there’s a place even higher than the viewpoint from the statue of Barbatos. If you head toward the Church of Favonius, a chest icon should eventually pop up as you’re patrolling the back. Start climbing the walls until you reach the rooftop. The chest should be slightly before the highest point.

Note 8: Favonius training grounds

  • Character: Noelle
  • Clue: I have placed the gift at training grounds near the Knights of Favonius Headquarters. When you go and get it, please try to be quiet so as to avoid disturbing those training there. Thank you for your consideration.

If you already had a Daily Commission with Ellis, you’re in luck. If not, no worries. The training grounds are an open area right next to the Knights of Favonius Headquarters, where a young girl can often be found training for her knighting test.

Fecund Blessings Day 2: The Feast in Full Swing

Note 1: Mondstadt Souvenir Shop

  • Character: Cyrus
  • Clue: Come, you who enjoy adventure! A gift prepared specifically by yours truly is waiting for you near a certain shop that sells souvenirs!

I found this one without even meaning to. Cyrus, a higher-up at the Adventurer’s Guild, hid his chest at Mondstadt’s souvenir shop — smack in the middle of the city. The Souvenir Shop is the diamond icon on the map. Go there and the chest tracking should kick in.

Note 2: Behind Goth Hotel

  • Character: Goth
  • Clue: How do you do, friend? I have placed my gift near a venerable hotel in Mondstadt City (now occupied by a group of guests from afar).

Goth Hotel is guarded by a masked Fatui standing in front of its door. If you try to go inside, he huffs that the whole place is occupied and that no one else is allowed inside. Goth, the hotel manager, hid his treasure chest behind the hotel next to the vacant tables.

Note 3: On the windmill platform

  • Character: Beatrice
  • Clue: The giant leaves turn with the wind. The gift is close to the Knights of Favonius Headquarters.

There’s a windmill next to the Knights of Favonius Headquarters, which you can climb to collect mushrooms and view a missing person poster of your sibling. Head here to find Beatrice’s chest (and complain about her unrequited crush).

Note 4: Shore next to Cider Lake

  • Character: Timmie
  • Clue: How do you do? I have placed the gift beside Cider Lake where I usually feed the ducks. Don't startle them while you're getting it!

This might be the one time Timmie is actually endearing. Teleport outside of Mondstadt’s city to the lake area, and go toward the part closest to the lake’s shore. There should be a chest waiting.

Note 5: Wagon in the city side entrance

  • Character: Guy, the Nigh-Forgotten Knight
  • Clue: People travail endlessly on the south wind's road; but gifts go unnoticed at the lake's side gate.

There are two main entrances into Mondstadt: the front one next to the bridge with two guards, and a side entrance near the fisherman’s pier. For reference, the side entrance is also near the Commission area where you would check your Mondstadt Reputation Level. Head here to find a chest waiting in a nearby wagon and maybe pay Guy a visit.

Note 6: Inside Favonius HQ library

  • Character: Fischl
  • Clue: Go forth! In the Magus-Custodian of Books' sanctum, the High Lady of Immernachtreich has bestowed upon thee a benediction!

You might remember a library inside the Knights of Favonius headquarters. Fischl used to read the books here when she was younger, so it makes sense that she’d hide her treasure chest in here.

Note 7: Wagon next to Starfell Lake

  • Character: Klee
  • Clue: So, there's this old battered cart at the place where I usually go fish blasting, right? I hid my present behind it! If you can find it, it's allll yours! Uh, by the way, I didn't blow that cart up, alright? Really! Razor can vo- um, vouch for me!

Klee succeeded in hiding a bomb-free chest. Teleport to Starfell Lake and it should be in a wagon slightly south of the lake, closer to Whispering Woods before Bennett’s hiding spot.

Note 8: Shore in Whispering Woods

  • Character: Bennett
  • Clue: There is a small shoal in the Whispering Woods near Cider Lake where a small pier lies. I have placed my present in that area. (The road there is somewhat bumpy, so be careful not to fall.)

Bennett’s hiding place is the pier area between Cider Lake and Whispering Woods. There may be some Hilichurls in the area, but it’s nothing you can’t handle.

Fecund Blessings Day 3: The Afterparty

Note 1: On cliff behind Draff’s house

  • Character: Diona
  • Clue: Stand at the door of the greatest hunter in Springvale and head to the south! I have hidden my gift on a cliff. If you find it, it's all yours... There's some really good stuff in there!

Remember Draff, Diona’s dad? Browse the Springvale houses until you see the one with a cat-eared hunter in front of it, and then look to the cliff behind the home. That’s where Diona’s gift should be.

Note 2: Behind billboard at Springvale

  • Character: Kaeya
  • Clue: One may search far and wide, but what they're looking for may be right by the starting point.

You won’t need to wander far to find this one. Search next to the Cat’s Tail booth (next to a billboard with a nun in front of it) at the Weinlesefest venue and it should pop up soon.

Note 3: Next to waterfall behind Springvale

  • Character: Pepe
  • Clue: My gift is on the cliff face at the waterfall on the outskirts of Springvale. Only the bravest of all shall obtain it!

This kid Pepe somehow got a chest up on a waterfall ledge. Teleport to the waypoint south of Springvale and turn around to find the waterfall and chest waiting. It’s just a short climb up the falls!

Note 4: At Brook’s house in Springvale

  • Character: Brook
  • Clue: Just follow your nose! The gift is beside that one spot in Springvale from which the aroma of meat never drifts.

Brook, an NPC who once challenged Xiangling to a cooking contest, hid her chest right by her house. Even if you don’t know who she is, it won’t take long to find the chest if you search the homes with cooking campfires next to them.

Note 5: Behind the big tree at Windrise

  • Character: Jean
  • Clue: I left a present at The Symbol of Mondstadt's Hero.

You might think “Mondstadt’s hero” is its Archon, but it’s not. Teleport to the Statue of the Seven near Windrise and walk up to the giant tree surrounded by water. The chest should be behind the tree. For context, this is the location where Mondstadt’s hero Vanessa supposedly ascended to Celestia. The tree was said to be left in her place after she ascended.

Note 6: Inside red tent near Windrise

  • Character: Stanley
  • Clue: The present is near Windrise, inside a red adventurer's tent.

Mondstadt has many abandoned red adventurers’ tents in the wild. Look toward the east of the giant tree at Windrise to see the red tent with the hidden chest in the distance.

Note 7: Near entrance to Dawn Winery

  • Character: Connor
  • Clue: The gift is near the main entrance to Dawn Winery. Feel free to come and visit.

Connor’s chest shouldn’t be too hard to find if you circle Dawn Winery. It’s on a wagon in an open area at the winery’s entrance, just as described.

Note 8: At house near Dawn Winery

  • Character: Tunner
  • Clue: I have placed my festive flower basket at the house due south of Dawn Winery. I hope that you'll be able to share this joy with me.

Like Springvale, Dawn Winery has a few stray homes surrounding it. Go to the southernmost one closest to the water and it should be waiting in the guy’s backyard.

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