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Where to find berries in Genshin Impact for Marvelous Merchandise

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Genshin Impact adores a forager. If you can easily claim the wild as your domain in Genshin Impact, the game will reward you with a bounty of goods like Raw Meat and Pinecones, which can be used to make stat-boosting meals. On occasion, an NPC named Liben will appear for the Marvelous Merchandise event and request specific items from the wild. In exchange, he'll give you Primogems, Mora, and other items.

On January 28, Liben needs berries to provide an award. Here are three amazing locations where you can find the fruit and claim your reward.

How to farm berries in Genshin Impact

To farm berries in Genshin Impact, you're going to need to find a small plant close to the ground. There will be three yellow-ish items on the branches, those are the berries that you need to collect for Liben. Walk close to the plant and interact with it to harvest the berries. You'll be able to collect three berries per plant, so you should be able to collect enough for Liben in no time.

We've gathered three areas, where you can find at least three berry plants, giving providing more than enough of the fruit to satisfy Liben's request.

If you have an excess of the plant once you've completed Liben's request, you can use the fruit to make multiple recipes like Jam, Tea Break Pancakes, and Universal Peace.

Where find berries in Genshin Impact's Dawn Winery area

Where to find berries by the Dawn Winery.miHoYo

Teleport to the Statue of the Seven close to the Dawn Winery. You'll find two berry crops close to the statue: one to the statue's north, another to the west. If you head south, you'll find a third berry crop close to a domain.

Each crop location is marked on the above map using a white-colored stick of meat.

Where to find berries in Genshin Impact's Mondstadt area

Mondstadt berry locations in Genshin Impact.miHoYo

If you teleport to the waypoint directly outside of Mondstadt's capital, adjacent to the bridge leading into the city, you'll find three berry plants nearby. Two plants will be located north of where you spawned by the coast.

The third berry plant will be slightly south of the spawn point. You can check out the precise locations on the above map, again marked using a white stick of meat. Many say fruit is the vegetarian equivalent to meat.

Where to find berries in Genshin Impact's Starfell Lake area

Berry locations by Starfell Lake.miHoYo

Teleport to the Statue of the Seven by Starfell Lake to find a quartet of berry locations to the south. Two will be directly south of the statue, in close proximity to one another. Additional berry plants can be found west of those two, providing more than enough produce for Liben's needs.

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