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How to complete the Battle of Revenge quest in Genshin Impact

Violence is always the solution.

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The Genshin Impact Version 2.0 update revitalized the anime-inspired adventure game by adding the hotly anticipated Inazuma region. One exciting new mechanic is Reputation points earned by completing specific World Quests, which you can then spend on exclusive rewards like a compass that locates collectibles. Each qualifying World Quest will net you 20 Reputation points, and one of the most elusive to find is called “Battle of Revenge.”

Here’s how to unlock and complete Battle of Revenge in Genshin Impact to earn 20 Reputation points.

How to unlock Battle of Revenge in Genshin Impact

If you want to unlock the Inazuma World Quest, Battle of Revenge, the first step is completing a Daily Commission titled “An Art to be Honed.” In the commission, a guard in Inazuma City named Asakura will request that you spar with him. Defeat Asakura and the commission will be completed.

Wait a few days in real-time, then return to where you first spoke to Asakura to unlock Battle of Revenge.

Unfortunately, an Art to Be Honed is a Daily Commission, so it’s completely up to your luck when you unlock it. You’ll be assigned new commissions every day when the server resets. To increase your chances of being assigned an Art to be Honed, you can filter your commissions, so you only receive ones that take place in Inazuma. Do this by clicking the book icon, opening your journal. Then head to the Daily Commissions page. You’ll see an option for a preferred region in the top right corner of the menu. Set it to Inazuma to always get daily commissions located in Inazuma. This feature is new to Version 2.0.

How to complete Battle of Revenge in Genshin Impact

You need to follow these five simple steps to complete Battle of Revenge.

You can find Asakura where the blue arrow is currently placed.

  1. Speak to Asakura – you’ll find him in Tenshukaku within Inazuma City. He’ll be standing in the palace’s southern side. Speak to him to get the skinny on what’s going on. Turns out, Asakura’s weapon was stolen by a Kairagi. You need to reclaim it.
  2. Defeat the Kairagi – Asakura will instruct you to a location where you need to defeat a Kairagi.
  3. Head to the Kairagi Camp – After defeating the Kairagi, you’ll learn that Asakura’s weapon is hidden at the Kairagi’s camp. Head there now.
  4. Defeat the Kairagi’s underlings – when you arrive, the camp will be swarming with underlings of the Kairagi. Get ready for a brawl. They’re not partial to a conversation.
  5. Talk to Asakura – have another conversation with Asakura to complete the World Quest.

Once you’ve finished the World Quest, you’ll be able to claim your 20 Reputation reward at the Kamisato Estate.

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