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'Fortnite': Where to find Golden Artifacts near The Spire in Season 6

If you're trying to track down the 3 Golden Artifacts in Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 6, this is where you need to look.

Fortnite Chapter 2, Season 6 introduced The Spire to the battle royale’s map.

Taking the Zero Point’s place as the most interesting landmark on the island, The Spire is already one of this season’s most trafficked destinations. But when you visit, be sure to look into the collectibles around the area that you should pick up for Tomb Raider’s Lara Croft.

These Golden Artifacts modeled after llamas are the focus of a Week 1 challenge in Fortnite this season. If you want to complete this challenge and explore this new area of the map, here’s exactly where you need to look.

Fortnite Golden Artifact location 1

This is where you can first the first Golden Artifact near The Spire in Fortnite.

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The easiest artifact to find doesn’t require much effort outside of breaking a wall. There is a building with a wooden wall at the bottom of the spiraling stone staircase around the Spire. That wall seems a bit out of place, and if you destroy it, you’ll find an artifact and sometimes even a chest.

It’s easy to just drop right on this location and quickly nab this artifact. Still, you’ll want to watch your back, as doing this will leave you exposed. Once you’ve acquired this Golden Artifact, you can either continue playing the match normally or try to find the other two near The Spire.

Fortnite Golden Artifact location 2

This is where you can find the second Golden Artifact near The Spire in Fortnite.

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You can find the second Golden Artifact around The Spire in a building on the western side. If you go onto the first floor, you can find it tucked away in the corner underneath the window and behind several objects. This artifact looks a bit different from the others; It resembles a Pharoh statue.

Just make sure no one else is in this house with you while you try to clear out the obstacles, and you should be able to snag it without much issue.

Fortnite Golden Artifact location 3

This is where you can find the third artifact near The Spire in Fortnite.

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The final Golden Artifact is also tucked away in a corner like the last one. On the lower part of The Spire's eastern end, you will see a market with vendor stalls set up. Go behind the counter at the first stall set up near its entrance, and you’ll find this artifact.

It’s in the back-right corner, which means going for it will leave you pretty exposed in an area without many chests. We recommend finding some weapons before you come here in case you run into another player or someone ambushes you as you’re picking up the artifact. But if you don’t mind landing directly on it, even if you are eliminated soon after, then you should be successful.

This is a fairly straightforward challenge as long as you know where to look. Once you complete it, Lara Croft will tell you, “From the llamas I thought maybe southern hemisphere ... But I’m much further from home than that.” She will also give you 24,000 experience points, making this totally worth it. Be sure to complete this challenge before March 23, because that’s when the challenge expires.

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