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This Fortnite Season 6 infinite health glitch blows the game wide open

Health or high water.

Fornite is tough. You’re dropped onto an island with 99 other players and you can only win by outlasting the competition. The challenge can sometimes feel insurmountable. How are you supposed to survive an onslaught of 99 other people?

There are a few popular ways to survive like hiding for the whole match or using your aggression to take out any enemies. Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 6 has unintentionally introduced a snazzy new survival method: health glitching. The YouTuber Orange Guy has discovered that you can use a glitch to gain access to an infinite health pool.

You need at least one friend to perform the glitch, but this could potentially be a game-breaking switch-a-roo if performed correctly.

What does the Fortnite Season 6 infinite health glitch do?

If you can successfully perform the infinite health glitch, you’ll simply gain access to an unlimited pool of health that constantly regenerates at a modest but noticeable rate. That’s it. What this means is that your health bar will heal by five points per second without using any items. You’ll be able to easily survive sitting in the Storm for the first four rounds. During that time, your innate health regeneration will outpace the damage dealt by the Storm. After that, the Storm will be able to kill you, but at an immensely reduced rate.

Bullets and other forms of traditional damage can still kill you. Just because you've gained access to an “infinite” pool of health, that doesn’t mean you’re immortal. You’ll be more like “vampire immortal,” where everyone describes you as unkillable, but it actually takes just slightly more work to kill you.

If you’re bad at playing Fortnite, this could be the thing you need to make the game a smidge more fun.

How do you perform the Fortnite Season 6 infinite health glitch?

If you want to perform the infinite health glitch, you’ll need three things:

  1. Slurp mushrooms
  2. A friend
  3. A Port-A-Potty

To perform the glitch, you’ll first need to find Slurp Mushrooms. These are the neon blue shrooms that will restore both your health points and shields by 10 points over the course of two seconds. You can obtain the powerful veggie in a few ways. Firstly, you can find them natively growing in Slurpy Swamp, which is located in the map’s southwest corner. You can also obtain Slurp Mushrooms via Produce Boxes found randomly throughout the map.

Once you’ve got your Slurp Mushroom handy, it’s time to work with your friend to make this glitch happen. Make sure that you entered this game with a friend or at least a random teammate that’s down with breaking a few rules. Ideally, you’ll both be chatting over microphones, allowing you to properly communicate while executing the glitch.

Lastly, you’ll need to find a Port-A-Potty. You can find these blue excrement chambers located throughout the map.

Once you’ve located a hardy Port-A-Potty, damage it with your pickaxe until it has just a single hit remaining. Tell your friend to stand nearby with their pickaxe. Now, begin consuming your Slurp Mushroom and enter the Port-A-Potty while you’re still performing the consumption animation. Simultaneously, as you’re entering the Port-A-Potty, your friend needs to land the last hit to destroy the bathroom stall.

If performed correctly, the Port-A-Potty will crumble with you inside, but you’ll be imbued with the unnatural ability to heal five HP per second. A bathroom is a small price to pay for infinite health.

Is it “ethically cool” to perform the Fortnite infinite health glitch?

I’m sorry. Are you a narc? This glitch is just a silly fun thing anyone can do to make the game a smidge more accessible. If you’re accustomed to winning matches, this won’t be the difference that puts you out of the top 10.

It’s totally ethical to perform this glitch. Talk to your neighbors and your Fortnite friends. They’ve probably been doing this glitch all week and you’re just late to the party.

All the cool kids are doing Fortnite glitches these days.

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