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How to complete Nindo Challenges and earn the Manda Glider in Fortnite

Some of these Naruto items can be earned for free.

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The latest Fortnite collaboration features characters from the Naruto franchise, with skins, emotes, weapon wraps, and more. One of the most sought-after items is the Manda Glider, which can be earned for free by completing the new Nindo Challenges. Here’s what you need to know about the new Fortnite Naruto crossover.

How to begin the Fortnite Naruto Nindo challenges

First, you’ll need to log into the Fortnite Naruto crossover event page using your Epic Games credentials. Once you’re logged in, you’ll be able to pick a path from one of the four characters, with tasks assigned to each.

  • Itachi: Finish in the top six a total of five times
  • Gaara: Survive 24 storm circles
  • Hinata: Catch 20 fish
  • Orochimaru: Get 18 eliminations in total

You aren’t restricted to one character, though. Each one can be overlapped and completed.

How to get the Fortnite Manda Glider

The Manda Glider cosmetic item in Fortnite.

Epic Games

Every time you complete one of the aforementioned challenges, you earn a badge. To earn the fancy Akatsuki Weapon Wrap, you need to complete one character’s path, which is done by earning 10 badges. This means you’ll need to complete a character’s task 10 times. For instance, to finish Hinata’s path, you need to catch 20 fish 10 times, which equates to 200 fish total.

You can check your stats on the Fortnite X Naruto crossover page, but keep in mind, it may take up to an hour to reflect on the site itself.

To earn the Manda Glider, you need to complete all four character paths. By the end, you will have eliminated 180 players, reached the top-six spot 50 times, survived 240 storm phases, and caught 200 fish.

Alternatively, you can purchase this item as part of a bundle from the item shop starting on Thursday, June 23rd at 8 p.m. Eastern.

When does the Fortnite Naruto Nindo crossover event end?

This will take you a considerable amount of time, but luckily, the challenges will be available for the next two weeks. Specifically, you have until Thursday, July 7, 2022, at noon Eastern to wrap up your challenges, which should give you plenty of time to get through them.

What are the Fortnite Naruto Rivals character skins and cosmetics?

The new Naruto loading screen in Fortnite.

Epic Games, Viz Media

The Akatsuki Wrap and the Manda Glider will both be purchasable from the item shop on June 23, at 8 p.m. Eastern, along with plenty of other cosmetics such as character skins (and alternative outfits), back blings, pickaxes, and emotes.

These are the Naruto cosmetics that will be added to the item shop this week:

Character skins

  • Itachi (includes the Black Ops alt style)
  • Gaara (includes the Fifth Kazegage alt style)
  • Hinata (includes the Hinata Uzumaki and the Byakugan alt styles)
  • Orochimaru (includes the Hidden Leaf Era alt style)

Back Blings

  • Hinata's Backpack
  • Sand Gourd
  • Black Ops Mask (includes the Tenzo, Kakashi, Itachi, and Black Ops alt styles)

Pickaxes, gliders, and emotes

  • Minato's Kunai Pickaxe
  • Sword of Kusanagi Pickaxe
  • Gaara's Sand Cloud Glider (only Gaara can ride the Sand Cloud)
  • Manda Glider
  • Rasenshuriken emote
  • Striking Shadow Snakes emote

The Itachi & Orochimaru Bundle will give players access to the Islandbound Ninja Loading Screen, as well as the Itachi Uchiha Outfit, Black Ops Mask, and Orochimaru Outfit.

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