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Fortnite Shuffled Shrines guide: How to reach the Secret Door

Complete this quest to earn the Temple of Doom outfit.

Fortnite Indiana Jones
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Indiana Jones has swung into Fortnite with two costumes to unlock. The first one can be earned by purchasing the Season 3 battle pass and completing the preliminary challenges. After you’ve unlocked the basic Indiana Jones skin, you’ll gain access to five more quests that — if completed — reward you with the Temple Explorer skin (from Temple of Doom). While most of the quests are easy enough, one is harder than escaping a runaway boulder. It requires you to solve a tricky puzzle at Shuffled Shrines to unlock a Secret Door. In this guide, we’ll show you how to complete this pesky Fortnite quest to earn the extra Indy outfit.

Where to find the colored stones in Shuffled Shrines

Each red dot on the map represents the location of a broken colored stone, while the green dot ties to the location of the door you need to open. The door is behind four stones that correspond to the broken stones around the exterior.

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Once you’ve purchased the battle pass and completed the first set of Indiana Jones quests, you’ll be able to make progress towards finding the Secret Door past the Main Chamber in Shuffled Shrines.

Remember, Shuffled Shrines is a new POI found just east of Rocky Reels.

The broken stones in Shuffled Shrines. This one is blue.

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What you need to do is maneuver around the exterior of this area to the red dots marked on the map above to take note of broken stones — each with a particular color. The color of each broken stone changes every match, making this quest a little trickier.

The other wrinkle is that Shuffled Shrines is particularly busy currently, due to this quest. Because of this, it’s recommended to wait a while before attempting this objective, as the area will become less busy as time goes on. Though, if you want to complete it now, you still can — it’ll just be harder.

After you’ve taken note of the colors of at least three of the four stones (we’ll explain why you only need three later on), you then need to head to the underground area in the center of Shuffled Shrines, marked by the green dot on the map above.

Here, you’ll find four more stones standing upright and a creepy door behind them.

How to complete the Fortnite Secret Door Shuffled Shrines puzzle

Each of the stones in front of the door corresponds to the broken stones around the exterior of Shuffled Shrines.

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To open the door, you need to match the colors of the stones in front of you to the broken ones around the exterior. They’re all aligned in the same way as the broken stones, with the leftmost one tying to the broken stone on the southwest side, and so on.

At this point, turn each stone to the correct color, and if you only know three of them, you can simply guess the last one. Essentially, keep turning that one until it clicks — no need to actually check the broken stone since you can simply use trial and error to figure it out.

After the door opens, you aren’t quite out of the woods yet. Don’t run down the hallway just yet, because if you do, you’ll be bombarded by deadly arrows. Instead, inch your way up, trigger the arrows, and step back quickly to avoid them. Keep doing this until you reach the end, where you’ll find a Golden Tomatohead.

Grab it and the entire area will begin shaking.

The Secret Room is found just to the right of the Golden Tomatohead.

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After that, look to the right of where you found the Golden Tomatohead and you’ll see an area blocked by some leaves. All you need to do is step past them and you’ll be in the Secret Room. Once you’ve arrived, you’ll earn credit for completing this particular challenge.

The easiest method

There actually is a far easier method to this, but it’s super cheesy. Essentially, you can wait for someone else to open the door first. Then, head in and get inside the Secret Room afterward without having to do any of the work. It helps if you wait as much as you can to ensure you’re alone.

If you’re going to use this method, we recommend landing somewhere just outside of Shuffled Shrines, then hang out there, get stocked up on loot, and carefully make your way to the door to see if it’s open. If it is, simply run back to the Secret Room. Otherwise, attempt to complete the puzzle yourself and at that point, you shouldn’t have many other players to deal with if you’ve waited long enough.

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