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Fortnite: 3 steps to tame the wolves in Season 6

How to transform that wolf into your new pet dog.

Fortnite made some drastic changes to the survivalist mechanics in Chapter 2, Season 6.

Epic Games has not only added crafting to the game but there’s also new wildlife that can be killed or even tamed ... if you know how to do so. The wolves specifically were directly teased in the single-player in-game event that kicks off Season 6.

While your first inclination may be to kill any creatures that you come across and get their animal bones for crating, taming is still a viable option with the more ferocious animals like wolves. If you want to tame and then fight with a wolf in Fortnite, then get ready to hunt down some meat. Here’s a look at each step.

  1. Get meat by slaying animals
  2. Find a wolf you want to tame
  3. Toss the meat near the wolf
  4. Interact with the wolf to tame it

That’s all you have to do. Now let’s break down the specifics.

Step 1: Get Meat

Sadly, you do have to kill some animals in order to tame a wolf. Any meat will work ... even wolf meat. (For ethical reasons, we wouldn’t recommend breaking the spirit of an entire species by doing that!) There are plenty of boar, chickens, frogs, and even fish that you can get the necessary meat from around Fortnite’s map.

Along the way, you should also get some animal bones that will help with crafting Primal weapons. Getting the meat you need is a somewhat safe way to survive the early game too, though fishing can take a bit too long. Once you’ve got some meat, it’s time to tame a wolf.

Step 2: Find a wolf

You’ll need to find an animal in order to tame it. The exact spawn points of wolves haven’t been pinpointed by Fortnite’s community just yet, but from Inverse’s experience, they seem to spawn in forested and mountainous areas. Head to a location that fits this description, like the southeastern part of the map, and you should eventually find a wolf.

The process can be time-consuming. The aforementioned area can also be taken over by the storm quite quickly, but if you work fast enough or opt to use wolf meat, then the process will be somewhat faster.

Step 3: Throw the meat near a wolf

Now that you have the meat and have located a wolf, it’s time to tame it. The wolf will attack you on sight, so either stay hidden and throw the meat from a distance or toss it between you and the wolf in order to stop it. Once the meat is thrown on the ground near a wolf, it will investigate it and start to eat it.

Step 4: Interact with the wolf to tame it

This is your chance to go up to the wolf, interact with it, and tame it. If you do it fast enough, hearts will appear above the wolf’s head and it should be tamed. If you take too long, it will go back to attacking you.

What can a tamed wolf do in Fortnite?

Now that you’ve tamed a wolf, it will work with you for the rest of the game and attack nearby enemies. The process to get a companion like this is quite time-consuming and might not be super useful in the long run. Still, it will give you an extra edge in that fight if another player attacks you, especially in Solos. It does have its own health bar though, and it will die permanently if that depletes.

Fortnite Chapter 2, Season 6 ends on June 7, 2021.

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