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4 places to collect cat food in Fortnite for the Week 3 quest

Cat food is a precious commodity in Week 3.

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Fortnite’s Week 3 Legendary Quest is live, and that means players are working through a multi-step adventure to get tons of XP for their Season 7 Battle Pass. After placing welcome signs, boom boxes, and alien lights, it’s time to collect some cat food. In this guide, we reveal all four locations you can use.

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Where to collect cat food in Fortnite

There are four total locations to collect cat food on the Fortnite Season 7 map, with two spots in Retail Row and two more in Dirty Docks. Because they’re the easiest to find, let’s start with Retail Row.

Retail Row

Cat food location 1 — The first cat food to collect is found inside Nom’s grocery store on the northeast side of Retail Row.

Collect the first can of cat food by going to the back of Nom’s.

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Go in through the front door and head to the back corner of the store near this wall with graffiti. You’ll find some cat food to collect here.

You’ll find it near this back wall with graffiti.

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Cat food location 2 — The other can of cat food can be found behind Nom’s.

The second can of cat food is behind Nom’s.

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You can either bust through to the back or head to this corner near the garage. In either case you’ll find the second can of cat food you seek. At this point you should have earned the 30,000 XP for completing the challenge, but there are still two locations in Dirty Docks available in case these fail you.

You’ll find it in this corner, near the garage.

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Dirty Docks

Cat food location 3 — For the first can of cat food, head to the southeast section of the area, near the spaceship.

In Dirty Docks, you’ll find one can of cat food near the spaceship.

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You’ll find those tasty morsels near this Meowscles box.

It’s near this Meowscles box and the storage container.

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Cat food location 4 — Finally, the fourth and last cat food location is closer to the center of Dirty Docks.

For the final can, head closer to the center of Dirty Docks.

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It’s situated near this storage container. That’s all you need to know to collect cat food in Fortnite for the Week 3 Legendary Quest.

This is what the location looks like when you land there.

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