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How to unlock Rick Sanchez and more with Fortnite Season 7 Battle Stars

The Battle Pass might never be the same.

fortnite battle star season 7
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Fortnite Season 7 has finally arrived, and one of the highlight features of the Invasion Battle Pass is the return of Battle Stars. When you first launch the game with the new update, it offers a cursory explanation of how the system works, but we’ll clarify some of the biggest questions you might still have in greater detail.

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How Battle Stars work in Fortnite Season 7

As the official tutorial describes, Battle Stars are essentially a method that gives players greater flexibility over the order of rewards they unlock in the Battle Pass. Instead of having to wade through a bunch of lame cosmetics to get that cool Pickaxe or Glider you’re looking for, there’s now a more direct path towards getting the items you want faster.

Battle Stars offer a way to unlock the rewards you want in the Season 7 Battle Pass.

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Earning Battle Stars in Fortnite Season 7 is as easy as leveling up with XP just as you normally would in any of the previous Chapter 2 Battle Passes. You can gain XP in small bursts by playing well with any tactic you choose, but the largest XP payouts are offered by completing Weekly Challenges and Legendary Quests. Each time you level up, you get five Battle Stars to spend on the Battle Pass.

As seen in the screenshot below, you’ll find a wide range of rewards on each page of the Battle Pass including skins, trails, and V-Bucks just like previous seasons. This time, however, each item has a certain number of Battle Stars required for that purchase. Smaller rewards cost three Battle Stars each, while bigger ones can cost as much as 25 if you work your way past tier 100.

As you can see, each item on each page of the Battle Pass costs a certain number of Battle Stars.

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As awesome as it sounds to get Battle Pass rewards in any order you want, the page system essentially stops players from doing so fully.

The Season 7 Battle Pass is segmented into 10 separate pages with 10 rewards each, and unlocking each page (and the purchasable rewards therein) requires that a certain threshold be met. To unlock page 2, for example, one must reach season level 10 or unlock four more rewards on the previous page. Typically, it’s a shorter route to unlock the rewards rather than leveling up your account, so do that first if you want to work quickly.

Each page of the Battle Pass requires a certain number of rewards or season level to advance.

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For those who find this system to be a bit too complex for their taste, it may help to know that you’ll always earn enough Battle Stars to unlock every single item in the standard Battle Pass as long as you reach level 100. So, if you’d like to continue unlocking rewards in order just as you have throughout Chapter 2, you're more or less free to do that.

Once you work your way past tier 100, there are bonus skin styles to earn, too. Just as in prior seasons, a bonus style requires that you own the base skin and are at tier 100 first. Once you’ve done that, you can spend 25 Battle Stars to get the variant you seek.

How to unlock skins in the Season 7 Battle Pass

Another unfortunate limitation of the Season 7 Battle Pass rears its ugly head when it comes to unlocking skins. If there’s a certain Battle Pass skin you like, you must first purchase all the rewards on its page to get the item. In a sense, there’s more opportunity for players to skip any skins they don’t like, but getting those cherished ones will still require some grind.

Are Secret Battle Stars coming back?

Now that Battle Stars are back in Fortnite, the question on everyone’s mind is if the elusive Secret Battle Star from Chapter 1 will be making a comeback as well.

As of right now, players haven’t found a way to collect one in-game, but we’re watching closely to see if that changes. Maybe there will be additional surprises in store on Thursday, Fortnite’s traditional challenge day.

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