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Here's Exactly How Long It Takes to Beat FFXVI’s Echoes of the Fallen DLC

A classic foe returns.

Final Fantasy XVI Omega
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Final Fantasy XVI is a lengthy adventure that takes Clive across the land of Valisthea, but that journey just got a little longer. At The Game Awards, Square Enix shadow-dropped Echoes of the Fallen, the first of two planned DLC packs for FFXVI. As you might guess from the name, Echoes of the Fallen directly ties into the main story, and provides some fascinating details that help flesh out the game’s lore. However, there are a few hoops you’ll need to jump through to start the downloadable content, so here are the steps you need to take as well as how long you can expect Echoes of the Fallen to last.

How Long Is Final Fantasy XVI: Echoes of the Fallen?

Echoes of the Fallen has some tough new bosses for Clive to face.

Square Enix

Echoes of the Fallen is a relatively short addition to Final Fantasy XVI, clocking in at roughly three hours of extra content. The expansion essentially functions as a final dungeon, something the game lacked before now.

Of course, just like the rest of the game, you can play through it on any difficulty. Echoes of the Fallen easily has the hardest boss battles of the entire game, so those looking for the ultimate challenge will likely want to play through on Final Fantasy mode.

At the same time, there are a few goodies from the DLC that can be used in the rest of the game. Simply purchasing the DLC unlocks the Buster Sword weapon for Clive and the “Away (1987)” orchestrion roll, which is an 8-bit version of the Phoenix theme. Both of these can be unlocked at any time by opening the main menu and navigating to Downloadable Content in the options menu.

Past that, there are five new accessories you can find in the DLC that have a variety of effects, like reducing ability cooldown and giving small HP recovery for a precision dodge. There are also two new weapons, one to find and one to craft.

How to Start Echoes of the Fallen

Echoes of the Fallen helps flesh out FFXVI’s lore and ending.

Square Enix

Echoes of the Fallen can only be accessed right before the final quest of the game, “Back to Their Origin.” That’s not the only requirement, however, as you’ll also need to complete two specific side quests. Those are “Where There’s a Will” and “Priceless.” Both of these quests are found in the Hideaway before traveling to Origin.

You’ll first need to complete “Phoenix Heal Thyself” to unlock “Where There’s a Will,” which can be picked up by speaking to Joshua in the Hideaway. Completing that quest will unlock a new missive at Clive’s Reading Table in his quarters, and reading that will then let you start “Priceless.”

After that, you’ll be able to speak to Charon at the Hideaway to start the Echoes of the Fallen quest line.

Final Fantasy XVI is available for PS5. A PC version is currently in development.

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