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How long is Final Fantasy VII Remake? The answer may surprise you

Here's a deep dive into the total runtime and number of chapters in Square Enix's excellent remake.

Square Enix's highly anticipated Final Fantasy VII Remake will be released on April 10, and the earliest reviews for it are overwhelmingly positive. Gamers can already pre-load the digital version of the game ahead of release, but for anyone wondering just how long this first game is in the remake series, know that you can expect a JRPG experience on par with any mainline Final Fantasy that has come before it.

How long is FF7 Remake? If you were worried that the game would be short because this first game only covers a fraction of the original game, you'll be happy to hear that FF7 Remake is very much so a "full" video game experience. Director Yoshinori Kitase claimed in June 2019 that FF7 Remake would be the size of any mainline Final Fantasy game, and that holds true because the game will last at least 35 to 40 hours.

That estimate mostly applies to anyone who tries to breeze through FF7 Remake rather than invest time and effort into the various side quests sprinkled throughout. This means it is on par with the likes of Final Fantasy VI or a breakneck playthrough of the original Final Fantasy VII in terms of time commitment.

The Inverse reviewer for FF7 Remake took over 47 hours to beat the game while engaging with most of the optional missions and quest and exploring the game's environments thoroughly. If you are a completionist though, FF7 Remake will probably last upwards of 50 hours. Considering this remake covers a portion of the original's story that lasts less than eight hours, that means the full scope of the remake series will be enormous.

  • Casual FF7 Remake playthrough: 35-40 hours.
  • Completionist FF7 Remake playthrough: 50+ hours.

How many chapters does FF7 Remake have? One surprising structural change with FF7 Remake is that it's split into many "Chapters" that serve as landmarks for your progress.

Square Enix had previously been coy regarding the total number of chapters in FF7 Remake, Inverse can confirm that there are 18 Chapters in total. These chapters do vary in length, with some being more plot-heavy than others while others have optional side quests and more open environments, but Inverse's reviewer spent an average of 2.6 hours on each chapter.

The chapter structure becomes even more important once you beat the game when you'll get the option to dive back into any chapter you want with your upgraded end-game characters to explore the game's Hard Mode.

The Inverse Analysis: It's peculiar that Square Enix was so tight-lipped about the overall game length and number of chapters heading into the game's release. It led us to worry somewhat about the length of FF7 Remake and the eventual scope of the entire project. FF7 Remake is much longer and a fuller video game experience than most gamers, Inverse included, may have assumed initially.

At no point does the game feel bloated, which is surprising when you consider how much has been extrapolated from very little in the original. If you're looking for a massive new game with lots of replayability to sink your teeth into during quarantine, FF7 Remake is a worthy candidate — so much more so for anyone who is a fan of the original.

Final Fantasy VII Remake is a timed PS4 exclusive that launches on April 10.

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