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Final Fantasy VII Remake needs the most famous Summon Materia in Part 2

Are there plans to include FF7's most beloved Summon Materia in the Remake series?

Like every other game in the series, Final Fantasy VII remake includes several magical creatures called Summons that can be called upon to aid characters in battle, and while familiar creatures like Ifrit and Shiva appear, plenty of Final Fantasy VII fans might be wondering about the original game's most iconic Summon: Knights of the Round.

Could it possibly be included in Final Fantasy VII Remake Part 2?

Is Knights of the Round included in Final Fantasy VII Remake? The short answer is no, the Knights of the Round Summon Materia is not included in Final Fantasy VII Remake. In the original game, you don't even receive Summons until after departing Midgar. In that sense, for FF7 Remake to include Summons at all is a huge departure from the original, but it does make sense given how much depth is given to the Midgar section of the game.

Who are the Knights of the Round in FF7? In the original Final Fantasy VII, Knights of the Round was the ultimate Summon Materia that was only obtainable in the endgame after the player bred Chocobo until they acquired a Gold Chocobo that could walk on water. This allowed them to travel to a remote island far from civilization where the airship couldn't land. Inside a cave there is the red Materia gem containing the Summon.

When called upon, Knights of the Round summons 13 knights stylized after King Arthur's court. Each knight attacks the foe with a unique weapon, delivering a powerful blow. Unlike most other Summons in the Final Fantasy franchise, Knights of the Round have been featured sparingly since their first appearance.

They're shown in Theatrhythm Final Fantasy spin-off titles, in Final Fantasy XIV as a DLC Boss, and in some fashion within Final Fantasy XV as the former kings of Lucis (though this may just be about design inspiration rather than a direct connection). But never again did they appear as a Summon. There are some wild theories to help explain this: Mainly that the Materia contains the souls of ancient Cetra warriors that defeated Jenova long ago, meaning that Knights of the Round has specific ties to the lore of Final Fantasy VII alone.

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Will the Knights of the Round be included in Final Fantasy VII Remake Part 2? It's possible that the Knights will be included in future FF7 Remake games, but probably not Part 2.

Unless the next title makes significant adjustments to the story, then Knights of the Round won't appear for several more games. The first remake only covered around 10 percent of the original game, and there's no telling what the scope of remaining games looks like. If they do appear in the series, it won't be for several years.

Also consider that Summons function similar to huge magic spells in FF7 and most other entries in the series, but they're more like Link Summons in Kingdom Hearts in that they're allies that join you on the battlefield for a limited amount of time. It doesn't seem feasible for a bakers' dozen of huge knights to suddenly crowd the battlefield. It might be more feasible if Final Fantasy VII Remake Part 2 is released as a PS5 title, as many are predicting it will be, but there's also the possibility that Knights of the Round becomes a highly exclusive Materia that you can only use in the final battle of the entire game.

Final Fantasy VII Remake is currently available for PlayStation 4.

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