Massive Changes Are Coming to FFXIV’s First Moogle Treasure Trove of 2024

No more Prae marathons this time.

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Moogle Treasure Trove events in Final Fantasy XIV are either a fun way to replay dungeons for exclusive prizes or a nightmare of endless runs to Praetorium and Aurum Vale, depending on how you approach them. Square Enix is introducing some big changes for the next event, titled The First Hunt for Genesis, and it looks like it will be a more pleasant experience for everyone this time around.

Typically, Moogle Treasure Trove has a set selection of dungeons that award tomestones, which can be exchanged for fabulous prizes. Since the list of eligible dungeons doesn’t change throughout the events, some players dedicated themselves to repeating the most efficient options over and over until they had enough tomestones or simply gave up. This time around, a rotating set of activities offer bonus rewards, so there’s more reason to switch up your routine.

Most rewards from The First Hunt for Genesis aren’t unique, but they’re hard to get elsewhere.

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How The First Hunt for Genesis Works

When The First Hunt for Genesis launches on January 30, it will introduce a new way to track tombstone objectives called the Mogpendium. In addition to the standard objectives — the always-available gauntlet of dungeons to run, plus a selection of Gold Saucer events and ocean fishing routes — the latest hunt includes weekly objectives plus Minimog challenges and Ultimog challenges. Each of these will highlight a different group activity in FFXIV and reward bonus tomestones for completing it.

As you’ve no doubt guessed, weekly objectives will change each week throughout the event, which runs until March 11. This objective will be an activity chosen from the list of standard objectives, which grants bonus tomestones once per week.

Minimog challenges expand the list of activities that can award tomestones. Each week, every player will get two Minimog objectives, but can only receive a reward from completing one of them. Unlike weekly objectives, these won’t come from the standard objective list. Instead, they’ll offer rewards for different types of activity, including FATEs, hunting board targets, and treasure hunts. Square Enix hasn’t revealed a full list of potential Minimog challenges, but they seem focused on activities that can be done solo, unlike the standard and weekly objectives.

The Mameshiba Neckerchief is a cute accessory you can only get from Moogle Treasure Trove events.

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Then there are the Ultimog challenges. We know the least about these special objectives so far, but Ultimog challenges will be a list of activities that can only be completed once during the entire event, offering “a sizable tombstone reward” for completing them, according to Square Enix. It’s likely that these will include tougher challenges than anything that’s typically involved in Moogle Treasure Trove events, like Extreme trials and Savage raids.

While Square Enix hasn’t shared exactly which activities will grant Tomestones of Genesis throughout the event, it has shared the list of rewards you can purchase with them. Despite the event being expanded, its list of revealed rewards is actually a bit shorter than usual. Still, there are some prizes that are definitely worth farming for if you haven’t already added them to your collection.

Spending your tomestones on the Titania Barding will save you some serious grinding.

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The Best Rewards in First Hunt for Genesis

As always, the Mameshiba Neckerchief is available for 100 tomestones, and it’s only obtainable through Moogle Treasure Trove events. Arguably the best prize this time around is the Titania Barding for 50 tomestones, which gives your Chocobo a very fetching set of shimmering fairy wings. Normally, you need to grind the difficult Dancing Plague Extreme trial for the materials to craft this barding, or shell out a fortune on the market board. The Yukinko Snowflake minion is also a worthwhile get, since it typically drops from Eureka Hydatos, a notoriously difficult area to farm since it requires a massive time investment just to access it.

You may want to pick up the Ultima Horns to avoid grinding rare FATE. The Modern Legend hairstyle, Antelope Doe mount and Dhalmel mount are also worth picking up if you don’t want to pour time into the Ishgardian Reconstruction crafting activity.

The First Hunt for Genesis might not offer the best rewards in Moogle Treasure Trove history, but it’s also the one least likely to drive you into a pit of farming despair. Even if the prizes don’t pique your interest, it could be a good chance to try out some parts of Final Fantasy XIV you’re not used to and earn a few bonus rewards on the side.

Final Fantasy XIV is available on PlayStation, PC, and Mac. An Xbox version is expected to release in 2024.

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