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FFXIV Dawntrail: How to Unlock Viper and Pictomancer Jobs

Time for a change.

One of the most exciting parts of any Final Fantasy XIV expansion is the new jobs, and Dawntrail’s are particularly interesting. This time around players are getting two new DPS jobs, the dual-wielding melee Viper, and the artistically inclined magical Pictomancer. Both jobs look quite a bit different from anything else in the game, so you’ll want to unlock them early on in Dawntrail to learn the ins and outs. Below, we’ve laid out how to hit the ground running with Viper and Pictomancer.

Requirements For Dawntrail Jobs

Before you can unlock the new jobs there are a couple of requirements you’ll need to hit. It almost goes without saying, but you’ll need to have purchased the Dawntrail expansion. If you don’t have access to the expansion, you won’t be able to get Viper and Pictomancer.

The only other requirement is that you have a Disciple of War or Disciple of Magic job at level 80, as that will be the starting level for Viper and Pictomancer. You don’t necessarily have to have completed the previous expansion, Endwalker, as long as you have any job at level 80.

How to Unlock Viper in Dawntrail

Viper is easily the most fast-paced job in all of FFXIV.

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Viper is a fast-paced job that uses dual blades that can also be combined into one sword, and it’s inspired by the hero of Final Fantasy IX, Zidane. If you want to prepare some equipment ahead of time, Viper shares the Scouting armor type with Ninja.

In order to unlock Viper you’ll want to head to Ul’dah - Steps of Nald and then the map coordinates (X: 9.3, Y.9.2). From there, talk to the “Worried Weaver,” and simply follow the quest to unlock the job. This will also unlock the Viper job quests.

Dawntrail also adds new role quests, with Viper falling into the Melee DPS category. To undertake those quests you’ll need to have a melee DPC job, including Viper, at level 90. Then go to Tuliyollal and talk to Shashepya at (X: 11.9, Y: 14.9).

How to Unlock Pictomancer in Dawntrail

Pictomancer is easily the most colorful class in FFXIV.

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Pictomancer is a complex magical DPS that fights enemies using canvases and paintings. It has quite a few different rotations and timers to keep track of, so you’ll likely need to put a bit of practice in.

To unlock Pictomancer you’ll need to head to Old Gridania, and then the map coordinates (X:8.0, Y: 10.3), then talk to the “Cheerless Hearer.” Once again, follow the quest objective and you’ll unlock the job shortly. Of course, like all the other magical DPS jobs, Pictomancer usesCasting gear.

If you want to do the Magical DPS role quest, head to Tuliyollal with a level 90 job and talk to Tsuuhe at (X: 12.8, Y: 14.8).

Final Fantasy XIV: Dawntrail is available on PS4, PS5, Xbox Series X|S, and PC.

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