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How to Use the Best Synergy Skills and Abilities in Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth

Power up your party.

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Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth

Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth marks the return of the same combat we saw in Remake, blending the original game’s turn-based fights with faster action gameplay. It also adds some twists that offer new strategies while cementing characters’ relationships in the form of synergy attacks. These powerful abilities let two party members team up to deliver devastating blows and many provide bonuses to further help the party. Here’s how to use Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth’s synergy attacks and the best ones to choose.

Synergy attacks in Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth come in two flavors. Synergy skills let party members pair up for a quick maneuver, and synergy abilities offer stronger attacks with more perks. While they’re the weaker of the two powers, using synergy skills effectively can be a huge boon in combat.

How to use Synergy Skills in Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth

Synergy attacks let the party team up to deal damage and boost their power.

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Synergy skills and abilities are both unlocked through characters’ folios. Both skills and abilities are marked with orange nodes on the folios’ skill tree.

Once you’ve unlocked synergy skills, they’re available to use at no cost during battle. While holding R1 to block, a list of your current character’s synergy skills will appear. Each one is mapped to a button on the controller, and they’re activated by pressing that button while still holding block. Since there’s no cost to use them, it’s a good idea to use synergy skills as much as possible in battle.

Synergy skills and abilities are entirely situational, and with only a few for each character, it’s easy to unlock them all. No one attack will be the best in every situation, but there are some you’ll want to pay special attention to no matter which party member you use.

The Best Synergy Skills in Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth

The power of friendship is weaponized through synergy skills.

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Cloud’s Counterfire synergy skill catches ranged attacks and launches a counterattack against the foe who used it. Since his Punisher stance is no good against ranged attacks, this is an excellent way to bolster his defenses.

For Tifa, pick up Slip and Slide. This skill lets her dodge an enemy attack and strike back instantly, which is far more effective than just blocking.

Aerith also has a great defensive synergy skill in Bodyguard. This lets her call any ally to protect her, giving her time to cast spells with less interruption.

When it comes to defensive synergy skills, Barret’s Iron Defense is a must-have. It protects him and an ally from attacks as long as you’re holding the button, reducing damage more than a regular block.

Foxflame is a good choice for Yuffie. This attack can be charged and it takes on whatever element she’s using with Elemental Ninjutsu, letting her stick to her specialty of building up stagger on vulnerable enemies.

Red XIII’s best skill is Wild Charge. A purely offensive ability, this attack hits foes multiple times and should be used frequently with Red XIII.

Finally, Scottish plush toy Cait Sith’s All Out Assault is just as simple as Wild Charge and just as effective. By repeatedly pressing the button it’s assigned to, you can unleash multiple attacks with a partner, doing damage while building ATB charges.

How to use Synergy Abilities in Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth

Each time party members spend ATB charges on regular abilities in combat, they gain synergy charges to power synergy abilities. The small UI can be a bit hard to read, but each entry listed under synergy abilities in the command menu shows how many charges are available and how many are needed. Since they’re far more powerful than synergy skills and take longer to charge, you should be a bit more strategic about when you use them.

The Best Synergy Abilities in Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth

Synergy abilities let you power up your party and look good doing it.

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As with synergy skills, synergy abilities are obtained by unlocking orange nodes in each character’s folio. You shouldn’t have much trouble unlocking them all, but here are a few to focus on first.

Cloud’s Firework Blade will be useful through most of the game. It lets Cloud and Aerith deliver a ranged attack while unlocking more powerful Limit Breaks for them, both of which are extremely useful.

Tifa’s Divine Punishment is similar, launching a ranged magic attack, this time with a large area of effect, and unlocks their second Limit Breaks.

Like Aerith’s other synergy abilities, Sweet and Sour Salvo is a ranged attack, this time with Barret. This one increases the length of time an enemy stays staggered, and best of all, it’s got a very cute animation to go with it.

Barret’s Avalanche Two-Step teams him up with Tifa to do massive damage to a single foe. It also increases their attack power and extends stagger duration, so it’s perfect to use on staggered enemies.

With Mystic Multiplication, Yuffie lets Aerith create clones of her to attack an enemy, granting them both unlimited MP for a short time. Since Aerith is likely your primary caster, she can get a lot of spells off after this attack.

Red XIII can use Overfang, which lets Barret toss him at an enemy while increasing both of their Limit Break levels. Since Red XIII lacks range otherwise, this can help him hit hard-to-reach foes.

With Mayhem-Go-Round, Cait Sith gives Barret a piggyback ride, launching a long-range laser attack as they spin in circles. This attack’s massive area of effect makes it great for crowd control, and grants access to high level Limit Breaks.

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