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Where to find all six Far Cry 6 Mythical Animals to get the Primal Set

Make the most of Dani’s hunt for liberty.

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Far Cry 6 doesn’t necessarily require players to spend too much time hunting animals in the vast wilderness of Yara, but completionists can still find great rewards for doing so. At the top of the food chain are the five Mythical Animals, each one offering up a unique tradeable item for their pelt. In this guide, we reveal the spawn locations of each Mythical Animal, detail the rewards, and provide a few helpful tips to kill them.

It’s worth noting that players can start hunting for Mythical Animals as soon as they depart from the game’s opening island. Beyond that, we’d recommend that your character is fairly well equipped and leveled up before going after most of these dangerous beasts. Some of these fights are harder than others, but that doesn’t mean you should enter into a confrontation with reckless abandon.

We’ve got plenty of text-based tips below, but check out this clip from Astrosive on YouTube if you need an additional visual aid. It was hugely informative in helping us direct you to the correct locations.

A great video guide for finding all five Mythical Animals in Far Cry 6

Far Cry 6 Mythical Animal locations

1. Mamutito the hog: You’ll find Mamutito in the Prado Meadows of Vencejo on Isla Santurio. He roams near a huge pit with other hogs at any time of day.

Mamutito the hog has made his home on Isla Santurio in the Vencejo region.

Ubisoft/Astrosive @ YouTube

Killing Mamutito is pretty easy, as all you need to do is strafe around him and shoot with a well-leveled bow. He doesn’t move very fast, so just dodge his charges as they come and keep loading him with arrows until he goes down. As a reward for your efforts, you’ll get Mamutito’s Tusks. These can be traded to get the Primal Mask.

Just pepper Mamutito with arrows, and he should go down fairly easily.

Ubisoft/Astrosive @ YouTube

2 and 3. Black and White Demoníaco: The black and white wolves come as a package deal, occupying the exact same spawn location in the Aguas Lindas section of Madrugada.

The Black and White Demoníaco are located in the Aguas Lindas region of Madrugada.

Ubisoft/Astrosive @ YouTube

The key to taking this duo down is to shoot them consistently with arrows or to deal a ton of damage at once using a projectile. Before death, these wolves will fall down and start to recover HP, so you want to keep attacking them to ensure that doesn’t happen. The longer this fight goes on, the more likely it is that your hairy foes and their surrounding AI buddies will get the best of you. Take out the lesser wolves first, then go full tilt at unloading on the mythicals. At the end of the fight, you’ll get two pelts that can be traded for the Primal Boots and Primal Bracers.

Here’s what these mythical wolves look like.

Ubisoft/Astrosive @ YouTube

4. Venodiente: For this fight, head to the Balaceras portion of Valle De Oro.

For the Venodiente the mythical crocodile, head to this location in Balaceras.

Ubisoft/Astrosive @ YouTube

Like the other mythical Venodiente is surrounded by tons of AI buddies, but he sticks out from the crowd thanks to the fact that he’s shrouded in a massive poison gas cloud. It’s basically instant death if you touch the cloud, and he’s really dangerous when trying to get up close. As such, the best cheese method is to get a helicopter with a turret on it and pepper the croc from a place he can’t get you. Do that, and he’ll drop pretty easily. You’ll get some Venodiente Leather which can be traded for the Primal Vest.

Take him down from above to get the pelt that trades for the Primal Vest.

Ubisoft/Astrosive @ YouTube

5. Sanguinario: Sanguinario the jaguar spawns in the Sierra Perdida region of El Este. The one trick with this Mythical Animal, though, is that it only appears at night. If you don’t see the cat at this spot it means you arrived too early.

Go to Sierra Perdida at night to find Sanguinario.

Ubisoft/Astrosive @ YouTube

Sanguinario isn’t really dangerous so much as he is a test of patience. With low damage and incredibly high speed, most of the frustration in this fight is focused on tracking him down. Just stay on him and do big chunks of damage with throwables or shotguns when you encounter him standing around. Eventually, he’ll go down, offering up a pelt that can be traded for the Primal Pants.

Track down the jaguar to earn yourself the Primal Pants.

Ubisoft/Astrosive @ YouTube

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