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How to solve the "A Rising Tide" Treasure Hunt in Far Cry 6

A rising tide reveals some sweet loot.

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Far Cry 6 is finally here, and Ubisoft’s latest open-world adventure is full of awesome loot and unique ways to collect it. Among the myriad of Treasure Hunts available around Yara, one of the most puzzling quests is called “A Rising Tide.” In this guide, we’ll reveal the code you can use to get the loot instantly and how to find the boats that reveal the order in which that code should be entered. If you want an easy workaround to this momentum-killing puzzle, we’ve got the solution you seek.

How to start “A Rising Tide” in Far Cry 6

“A Rising Tide” is located at Sierra Perdida in the El Este region, on the border of the map west of Torrero Beach. You may see the marked diamond icon on the map, signifying that a Treasure Hunt is nearby. If not, read the note here to start the quest. It’s on the outside of the house with the El Tigre Del Mar boat leaning outside.

This is the location of the A Rising Tide Treasure Hunt in Far Cry 6.

Ubisoft/Gamepillar @ YouTube

What is the Far Cry 6 “A Rising Tide” code?

Go inside the house, and you’ll find an electronically locked door, which can be opened by pulling five levers in a specific order, functioning as a sort of code. That order can be determined by seeking out five named and numbered boats in the surrounding area. You can, however, skip that hunt entirely if you pull the levers in this order when you enter the house:

  1. El Tigre Del Mar
  2. Papi Chulo
  3. El Lucky
  4. Clarita
  5. Roja Victoria

Inside the locked door, you’ll find the Camo Quinceañera rifle among several other goodies to help bring liberty to your homeland.

“A Rising Tide” boat locations and lever order

For completionists who’d like to know where that code came from, we’ve got that information as well, largely thanks to this video from Gamers Heroes on YouTube.

A great video guide for the A Rising Tide Treasure Hunt

The location of the first boat is right outside the house that starts the hunt, of course. You’ll see that El Tigre Del Mar has a “1” right next to its name.

El Tigre can be found right outside the house with the locked door.

Ubisoft/Gamers Heroes @ YouTube

From here take a left, and you’ll see a blue boat on a roof in the distance.

You’ll see the blue boat in the distance on this roof.

Ubisoft/Gamers Heroes @ YouTube

Climb up there, and you’ll see that it’s called El Lucky, and it has a #3 under it.

El Lucky is on top of the house, and its boat #3.

Ubisoft/Gamers Heroes @ YouTube

On the western side of the village, you’ll see this blue shack with a green/yellow boat on top.

Look for this blue shack on the western side of the village and climb up.

Ubisoft/Gamers Heroes @ YouTube

It’s called Clarita, and it’s labeled as #4.

The Clarita waits on top of the shack.

Ubisoft/Gamers Heroes @ YouTube

Next, go to the docks area of the village, and you’ll see this small boathouse with a boat sitting out front. That’s Papi Chulo, and its sign says its number doesn’t equal five. Considering we’ve found boats one, three, and four, and this one isn’t five, then it must be #2.

By process of elimination, this must be boat #2.

Ubisoft/Gamers Heroes @ YouTube

You could pretty much stop here if you want, but you can also find Roja Victoria by walking along the wooden docks. You’ll see this shipwreck.

Boat #5 is situated off the docks. Look for this shipwreck.

Ubisoft/Gamers Heroes @ YouTube

Dive under to investigate, and you’ll discover a boat with a sign that says its number is higher than three. If we know Clarita is #4, then Roja Fictoria must be #5.

This is what the Roja Victoria looks like.

Ubisoft/Gamers Heroes @ YouTube

But again, there’s no need to track down all of these boats if you know the order upfront.

Far Cry 6 is now available.

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