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Fall Guys update 1.05 adds fan-favorite beta level and slew of bug fixes

Yellow team sucks, but they can't hold you back on this new level.

The latest battle royale game phenomenon, Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout, is a total hit thanks to being this month's PS Plus freebie, and it just got its first major update on August 13.

Not only did this first big patch add a brand new level and many quality of life improvements like bug fixes, but it paved the way for a fun and silly future. If you want to know what this patch added and what else Mediatonic and Devolver Digital want to add to Fall Guys in the future, we have you covered.

Fall Guys update 1.05 patch notes

The patch notes for Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout's first update were revealed on Twitter August 11 ahead of its intended Wednesday launch. Due to a last-minute fix, the patch was delayed from August 12 to August 13 and went live around 11 a.m. Eastern on Thursday. Now that the patch is live, here's what it includes.

The first major update for Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout released on August 13, 2020.

Devolver Digital

All of the promised changes were made, including the reintroduction of a returning game mode from the beta: Jump Showdown. In addition, various other bug fixes and balances changes were made, including a fix for a prevalent bug that made some Fall Mountain matches unbeatable if the Crown at the end was ungrabbable.

These are the official patch notes released for Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout's first update on Twitter:

  • Jump Showdown - A Fan favorite from the beta
  • Lowered the weighting for Royal Fumble to add more final round variation
  • Fixed crash at launch with certain regional calendars set in the operating system
  • Improved messaging for matchmaking and server errors
  • Fixed physics behaving erratically at high framerates on levels like Tip Toe
  • Fixed crown in Fall Mountain not being grabbable in rare situations
  • Addressed some collisions in Block Party allowing players to bypass the blocks
  • Fixed Parties sometimes failing due to too many requests
  • Addressed some special characters causing display issues in player names
  • Fixed Big Tease Achievement not unlocking in specific regions
  • PC only - Fixed certain game controller models not being detected on PC

What other updates are coming to Fall Guys?

While this update was mainly focused on one new mode and several bug fixes, future updates will add more substantial new levels, features, and costumes to Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout. Senior Designer Joe Walsh delved into what some of these features will be in an interview with MinnMax on August 12.

"A big thing we're definitely looking into is cross-play," Walsh explained. "Fall Guys is about bringing people together to play wholesome games and it makes sense that cross-play is part of that." They also confirmed that Mediatonic is looking into adding a Squads mode to Fall Guys where players can "win or lose as teams," as well as conceptualizing "what does Season 2 look like."

The Inverse Analysis — Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout's biggest problem is that the modes can get repetitive after a while, so it's encouraging to see the developers add a new game mode so quickly after the game has become a hit, doubly so that they've confirmed plans for even more. While bug fixes are always somewaht less exciting, they're an essential part of any live-service game and will also make the game a smoother experience for everyone.

Ultimately, what should excite players the most is Walsh's ultimate goal with Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout: "We see the best version of Fall Guys as where you press go and there are 100 variations of that first level."

Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout is available now for PC and PS4.

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