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How to use EA Play with Xbox Game Pass on PC with the desktop app in 4 steps

Xbox Game Pass for PC now grants full access to EA Play. Here’s how.

EA Play is now part of Xbox Game Pass on PC.

Microsoft and EA’s video game subscription services merged last year on console, but the PC release was pushed back to 2021. Now that the ability to play EA Play titles on PC with an Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscription is here, it’s quickly become clear that the setup process is a bit complicated.

Still, if you already have a Game Pass Ultimate or PC subscription and want to try some EA games like Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order and Madden NFL 21, you can follow these steps to connect your accounts on PC.

  1. Install an Xbox EA Play game on the Xbox app
  2. Install EA Desktop and Xbox apps on your PC
  3. Sign in to your EA account and link it with your Xbox Game Pass account
  4. Install an EA Play game

Now here’s a more in-depth look at each step in the process:

Step 1: Install an Xbox EA Play game on the Xbox app

While it’s likely already installed on your PC if you’re interested in this process, you can download the Xbox app from Microsoft’s website if need be. Regardless, make sure you are signed on to your Xbox account with Game Pass for PC or Game Pass Ultimate in the Xbox App if you want to have access to EA games.

If your Xbox app is fully updated, EA games like The Sims 4, Need for Speed Heat, and more will show up. Simply go to one of these games and choose install. This is where the process gets a bit more complicated.

Step 2: Install EA Desktop and Xbox apps on your PC

Unfortunately, the free EA Play games are not available directly through the Xbox app like other Xbox Game Pass titles. Instead, you'll have to install the EA Desktop App and use it in tandem with your PC’s Xbox app. You can install the EA Desktop app right from its website, though the Xbox app will prompt you to install it as well the first time you try to play an EA game.

Work through the installation steps for the EA Desktop app. It should require you to restart your computer once it’s fully installed. Now that it’s installed, don’t sign in just yet. Head back to the Xbox app instead.

Step 3: Sign into your EA account and link it with your Xbox Game Pass account

Once the EA Desktop app is on your PC, head back to the Xbox app and choose the game you want to play. This time, you’ll be prompted to sign in to your EA Play account before the installation. You should have one if you were already playing EA Play games on console, but you can also make an account here if need be.

Once you sign in, you’ll be asked to link your EA Account to your Xbox account. Simply choose the “link accounts” option in this window and your accounts will be account. You should then see a window that says “Your account is linked” and “Get Started” if they are successfully connected.

You’ll have to link your EA Play and Xbox accounts to access EA games.


Step 4: Install an EA Play game

Once your accounts are linked, you’re finally able to actually download the game in question. This will technically happen in the EA Play app, but the Xbox app will show download progress and allow you to boot the game from it.

This is the only step you’ll have to repeat for any future EA games that you want to download. The set-up process is a bit time-consuming as you have to flip flop between the Xbox and EA Play desktop apps a lot, but it’s worth it if you want to play EA games like Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order on PC without buying them individually.

EA Play is now available as part of Xbox Game Pass on PC.

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