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Dragon Age 4 Gamescom reveal teases stunning new landscapes and characters

The long-awaited follow-up to Inquisition is inching closer.

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Nearly six years after the release of Dragon Age: Inquisition, BioWare and Electronic Arts gave fans of the fantasy role-player a first glimpse at what Dragon Age 4 will hold during Gamescom 2020 Thursday. Bioware didn't offer any details about the long-awaited sequel's release date or even a finalized title, but it revealed concept art for the new environments Dragon Age 4 will include and even dropped the names of two major characters.

The upcoming RPG is still in early development, which means we might not see it for another couple of years. Chatter from back in 2019 suggests it could be ready by sometime in 2021. However, Bioware's announcement during Gamescom seems to hint that window has been pushed back, as it doesn't specify a release window. Until then, the developer has given fans plenty of concept art and teasers to enjoy.

"In the next Dragon Age you'll get an opportunity to see new things places and interact with people who lived and grew up in these places as well," explained Bioware Executive Producer Mark Darrah during the August 27 event.

Bioware / Electronic Arts
Bioware / Electronic Arts

Dragon Age: Inquisition's map was already among one of the largest open-world maps that gamers could explore. The developer teased that as players trek across the world of Dragon Age 4 they'll encounter a vast array of inhabitants with various cultures and backgrounds, which will give them all sorts of quests to set off on, including "hard-boiled detective stories" and untapped "frontier" exploration.

One of the most striking images from the announcement was a band of treasure hunters exploring the depths of the ocean to retrieve what looked a lot like pirate's treasure. The age's architecture was also visually stunning and ranged from full-blown metropolises to towering ruins scattered across desert landscapes.

Bioware / Electronic Arts
Bioware / Electronic Arts

While exploring this newly crafted world, players will encounter two new characters named Bellara (voiced by Jee Young Han) and Davrin (Ike Amadi). Bioware has not revealed their character models just yet, but they showed off a handful of unnamed character concepts and the silhouettes of what seem to be an important group of characters. Don't worry diehard fans, familiar faces will also return in Dragon Age 4.

Most prominently ,the elven mage Solas was confirmed to play big role in the upcoming titles. It's still early days for Dragon Age 4, but fans of the franchise will no doubt be relieved to hear it's coming along steadily. If you're a fantasy RPG fan who somehow missed the boat on Inquisition, there's never been a better time to catch up on what you've missed.

Dragon Age 4 is in early development.

Check out the behind-the-scenes preview right here:

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