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Everything you need to know about Destiny 2 Festival of the Lost 2022

Halloween comes to the Tower.

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key art from Destiny 2 Festival of the Lost 2022

With Halloween approaching, Destiny 2 is getting in a spooky mood with its Festival of the Lost seasonal event. As it has in years past, Festival of the Lost 2022 brings the joy of candy and costumes (of both the over-the-top and cheap cardboard variety) to Bungie’s MMO shooter. The event might not help you climb the competitive ladder, but it’s regularly one of the most fun events on the Destiny 2 calendar. Here’s everything you need to get into the Festival of the Lost spirit.

When are the Festival of the Lost dates and times?

Festival of the Lost 2022 kicked off on October 18, and it runs through November 2. That gives you just over two weeks to celebrate the spooky season in space.

Is there a Festival of the Lost trailer?

Yes! Destiny 2 never misses an opportunity for a splashy trailer, and this is no exception. The mood-setting Festival of the Lost trailer shows off everything you can expect from the event, from new weapons and events to this year’s most coveted in-game item — the Gundam-inspired cosmetic armor.

Mech armors are Festival of the Lost’s most coveted cosmetics.

How do you join the Festival of the Lost?

You should have no trouble finding your way to the Festival of the Lost, as Bungie tends to go all-out in transforming the Tower hub for Destiny 2 seasonal events. Once you log in, just head to Eva Levante in the Tower, where she’ll give you a quest to start you on your way. Eva also hands out a free festival mask, which you’ll need to wear to earn seasonal awards during the event.

What are the Festival of the Lost modes?

Most of Festival of the Lost is about earning new rewards from activities you’re already doing in Destiny 2. As long as you have a festival mask equipped, you earn candy and Spectral Pages from just playing the game — completing Public Events, competing in Crucible, and destroying enemies. Candy can be used to purchase rewards directly, but Spectral Pages require an extra step.

With Spectral Pages in hand, you can access Haunted Lost Sectors from the Director. This matchmade activity is a special stage teeming with Halloween-themed enemies. Defeat them and your Spectral Pages turn into Manifested Pages. You can then trade those in at the Tower to unlock bits of lore from the Book of the Forgotten.

Haunted Lost Sectors offer spooky seasonal foes to face off against.


Festival of the Lost also has 17 Event Challenges this year, involving defeating certain foes, using specific weapons, and turning in Manifested Pages.

What are the Festival of the Lost rewards?

This year’s biggest draw is the mech-themed armor, which is unfortunately only available by spending real money (or the hard-to-get Bright Dust). The armor costs $15, and each class needs a separate set.

Completing Challenges gives you Event Tickets, which you can trade in for some of the event’s best cosmetic rewards. However, you’ll need to pay about $10 to purchase an upgraded Event Card to do that, which also gives you some cosmetics right away. These rewards include a candy apple Ghost shell and a black cat skin for your Sparrow. The Eververse store has dozens of options as well, from bat-wing ships to a cute little witch hat for your Ghost.

Along with other rewards, you can earn tons of masks during the Festival of the Lost.


If you don’t want to spend money on the event, just playing with your mask equipped will earn you currency to buy additional masks and grab bags full of weapons. This year’s Mechabre sniper rifle and weapons from previous years’ Festival of the Lost events can also drop from Haunted Lost Sectors. The more Manifested Pages you turn in, the higher your chance of scoring one of these seasonal weapons.

While the best Event Card rewards are locked behind the premium level, you still get some loot for completing the Event Challenges listed there. These vary based on the challenge, and completing all 17 also gets you the Ghost Writer seal and title.

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