How to get a free Destiny 2 rainbow transmat for National Coming Out Day

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National Coming Out Day is celebrated October 11, the anniversary of the historic 1987 March on Washington for Lesbian and Gay Rights. It’s a day to support queer people, whether they’re out or not, by making solidarity visible.


To celebrate National Coming Out Day 2022, Destiny 2 developer Bungie released a lovely new rainbow transmat that’s free for all players and a set of wallpapers celebrating LGBTQ+ identities.


Here’s how Bungie’s celebrating National Coming Out Day, and how to get the rainbow transmat.

Five pride flag wallpapers

are available in a Bungie blog post, representing a few of the many queer characters in Destiny 2 canon.


Pansexual Pride — The Drifter

The National Coming Out Day celebration, headed by developer groups Trans@Bungie and Pride@Bungie, is a welcome gesture to players, but not a surprising one.


Bisexual Pride — Mara Sov

Bungie is way better than most developers when it comes to vocally supporting civil rights issues. It’s previously supported Black Lives Matter and came out strong against the recent overturn of Roe v. Wade when most studios stayed silent.


Lesbian Pride — Eramis

Lots of Destiny 2’s queer characters only get represented in its scattered lore. Saint-14 and Osiris’ relationship is one of the most visible, as it’s been mentioned in-game and openly discussed by devs.


Gay Pride — Saint-14

The non-binary pride wallpaper features Nimbus, a character from the upcoming Lightfall expansion. This seems like a pretty solid sign Bungie isn’t forgetting its queer characters and players going forward.


Non-binary Pride — Nimbus

To claim the End of the Rainbow transmat, enter R9J-79M-J6C on Bungie’s code redemption page.


No developer is perfect — Bungie itself has dealt with abusive managers in the past, and the lack of a trans pride flag at a time when our very existence is under attack is particularly frustrating.

But once again, Bungie is the most visible developer showing up to support its community (and helping all its queer Guardians look good while doing it).


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