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Deltarune Chapter 2 Genocide Route: How to unlock Noelle's Weird Route

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Your choices don’t matter — or do they? When Deltarune Chapter 1 came out back in 2018, creator Toby Fox affirmed it only had a single ending. Some assumed Deltarune Chapter 2 would adopt the same linear storytelling approach. That’s not the case. Players have discovered an optional “Weird Route” which marries exclusive character developments with a brutal challenge for seasoned players. It seems to be the spiritual successor to Undertale’s Genocide Route.

Here’s everything you need to know about unlocking the Weird Route in Deltarune Chapter 2.

How do you start the Noelle Weird Route in Deltarune Chapter 2?

You can start the Weird Route once Noelle has joined your party in the Library Dark World. After she’s joined your party, turn back the way you came and head back to where you encountered Spampton. Noelle will object, but you can ignore her.

Here’s the key requirement: Fight every enemy you encounter and make sure to use Noelle’s IceShock spell to finish the job, every time.

Once you’ve reached Spamton’s shop door you can start heading back through Cyber City. Continue to use Noelle’s IceShock to vanquish every enemy. If you’re on the right track, you’ll begin to see rooms filled with enemies — the bouncing cars passing through the streets should be absent.

Noelle Using IceShock.

Toby Fox

Keep doing this until you’ve reached the room with the poster of the Ferris Wheel. Eliminate all the enemies in the room with IceShock.

Once you’ve done that, interact with the only NPC in the room. You can find him on the right, and he’ll ask about your relationship status. Answer, “We’re something else,” and as you start walking away, the NPC will offer you a FreezeRing. Kris won’t have enough money to purchase this, but you can keep pressing “Get it.”

Eventually, the screen will black out and the IceShock sound effect will play. Equip the ring to Noelle.

If you’ve done this correctly, the Cyber City music should’ve briefly stopped. You’ll be guided through a barrier and there will be some dialogue options. You can pick any of them.

Continue forward to the room with two long car roads, and look for a dumpster on the bottom left. Spamton is hiding inside it. They’ll inform you how many enemies you have left to freeze. If you’ve gotten everyone so far, this number should be four.

As you continue, you’ll reach the second Annoying Mouse puzzle. Noelle will ask Kris about their plan, simply respond with “Proceed.” Continue to say “Proceed” until Noelle freezes the whole puzzle. She’ll do the same thing with the third puzzle. Keep going.

Kris continues to push Noelle.

Toby Fox

After you’ve frozen two enemies in the last room, turn around and return to the dumpster. Purchase the Ring of Thorns from the dumpster person and equip it to Noelle.

With your new ring equipped, head back through the frozen mouse puzzles to fight a familiar character. They’ll give you dialogue choices. You just need to respond “Proceed” and the battle will begin.

Noelle will have a new spell called “Snow Grave.” Use it. Noelle will insist that she shouldn’t use it, but you need to keep pressuring her to use the attack.

Once you’ve used Snow Grave, the fight will end. This will lock you into the Weird Route as you continue the story.

What does the Deltarune Chapter 2 Weird Route change from the Normal Route?

If you can unlock the Weird Route in Deltarune Chapter 2, you’ll be privy to numerous dialgoue changes and fight changes for the remainder of the game. Weird Route is much quicker to get through than its Normal Route counterpart, but is significantly harder.

Characters like Susie, Ralsei, Rudy, and Queen will all have brand new dialogue. The final boss of Chapter 2 will change as well. If you’re a Deltarune lore hound, the Weird Route is brimming with new tidbits for you to nosh on.

If you don’t want to play through Chapter 2 again to get the new ending, you can watch a playthrough of it below:

Will Deltarune have multiple endings?

Upon launching Deltarune Chapter 1, Toby Fox claimed “No matter what you do the [Deltarune] ending will be the same.”

It’s unknown if you’ll even be able to import a Weird Route save into Deltarune Chapters 3, 4, and 5. This could simply be a little side objective for Deltarune Chapter 2. Perhaps we’ll get similar stories for other characters in future installments. But for now, assume that there will still only be one ending to the game.

Deltarune Chapter 2 is out now on Mac and PC.

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