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How to Complete Dead Island 2's Tricky Clean and Snatch Quest

Completing this quest rewards you with a powerful melee weapon.

Dead Island 2 The Clean and the Snatch
Deep Silver

In Dead Island 2, you’re only as good as the weapons and skills at your disposal. To gain access to the best skills and gear, you’ll need to earn XP, and one of the best ways to do so is by completing missions. Early on, the Clean and Snatch Lost and Found quest becomes available, which sends players on a hunt for journals, eventually leading to a new weapon. Though, completing this particular quest is tricky, and many players have encountered issues getting through it. In this guide, we’ll show you everything you’ll need to know about completing the Clean and Snatch Lost and Found quest in Dead Island 2.

Collect Four Journals

Journal 1

The first journal is on the east side of Beverly Hills at Jessie’s house.

Deep Silver

The first step of the quest is to collect four journals scattered around pools in Beverly Hills.

Grab the first one from atop a container inside the pool at Jessie’s house on the east side of Beverly Hills. You’ll actually need to return to this area to open the aforementioned container.

Journal 2

Make your way to the house just north of the previous, where you’ll find the journal outside on a chair.

Deep Silver

Next, head to the northeasternmost house, where you’ll find a journal on a chair under an umbrella outside. It’s by the pool.

Journal 3

Head to the west of the previous house to find the next journal.

Deep Silver

After that, make your way to the house just west of the last one. The journal is on top of a toolbox inside the pool.

Journal 4

Head to the large house in the center of Beverly Hills to find the last journal by the pool.

Deep Silver

The last note is found at the house to the southwest of the last, and it’s located next to a corpse sitting by the pool.

Eliminate Obi

After you’ve collected all four journals, you need to make your way to the large house at the southern end of Bel-Air to fight Obi the Pool Guy. Fittingly, this enemy is found inside the pool at this house, so take down this foe and grab his keys.

Use Obi’s Key to Open Chest

Return to the container where you found the first journal to open it using Obi’s keys.

Deep Silver

Now, head back to the container in the pool by Jessie’s house in Beverly Hills and use the key to open it. Inside, you’ll find the Electrocutor Officer’s Sword and some cash.

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