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How to unlock the safe in Crisis Core Reunion's Shinra Mansion

Journey into the iconic manor.

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Even though the main story of Crisis Core -Final Fantasy VII- Reunion is fairly straightforward, there are still a handful of side quests to undertake. One of the longest side quests in the entire game is the “Seven Wonders of Nibelheim,” which you’ll need to complete across a couple of different chapters. Most of the wonders are pretty simple to find, but there’s one particularly tricky one that involves opening a particular safe inside Shinra Manor, which some players might remember doing back in the original Final Fantasy VII. Below, we’ll help guide you through the entire process of finding the safe code and opening it.

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How to solve the first three Wonders of Nibelheim

Before we dive into the safe code, we’ll give a quick description of how to solve the first three wonder mysteries, in case you need to catch up. They’re all pretty simple, luckily, so we’ll walk through all three below.

  • First Wonder - Talk to the boy standing on the right side of the entrance of Nibelheim to learn about the wonders. For the first one simply climb up the water tower and examine the Materia in the water.
  • Second Wonder - Go into the Inn and head upstairs to the bedroom, then look at the picture on the far wall. Head back to the boy and tell him about the picture, then go back into the inn and up to the picture, and Zack will notice it’s changed. Now head downstairs and you should see the inn owner walking up the stairs. Follow him into the bedroom and confront him, then report back to the boy.
  • Third Wonder - Go to Nibelheim Outskirts and then Mt. Nibel. If you look on the map, you should see a dead end that heads off to the right. Follow that path and, at the end, you’ll run into three special Bomb enemies. Defeat all three before they explode and you’ll get the “Gold Shard” that you can show to the boy.

Where to find the safe in Shinra Manor

Now you’re finally ready to find the safe in Shinra Manor, but you might need to progress the story a bit before you gain access to the mansion. If you can’t get in just follow the story until Cloud accompanies Zack to the manor.

To find the safe head upstairs and go left, then take a right into the bedroom. If you examine the safe you’ll see it needs a four-digit code, and a note next to the safe will give you a few hints. The hard part here is that the safe code actually changes on every playthrough, so there’s no way to simply give it to you. Instead, you’ll need to follow the instructions below to find each digit.

How to find the safe code in Crisis Core Reunion

Unless you can remember everything, you might want to get a pen and paper to write down the digits for the code.

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To find the safe code you’ll need to check four different rooms in the manor, having Zack look through the keyhole of each and count a specific item. In the image above you can see the order of the rooms, with 1 corresponding to the first digit of the safe code, and so on. These can be a little tricky, so don’t be surprised if you end up getting the safe code wrong the first time.

First Digit

The clue for the first room is “Knowledge Overflowing.”

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For this first room, you’ll be counting the number of books that aren’t properly shelved on the bookshelf. It’s important to note that this includes books on the floor, the chair, and even the books on top of the bookshelf. You’ll want to move the camera around completely and make sure you aren’t missing any books lying in the corners of your view, and that’s something you’ll want to do with every room. Each book counts as one even if they’re stacked, so count the number and log it down.

Second Digit

The clue for the second room is “Unwelcome Faces.”

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For the second room, you need to count the number of pumpkin-head enemies floating around the room, and again this can be tricky. Make sure to be patient when counting as some of the enemies will disappear for a few seconds, and others sway back and forth, so they can easily sway out of your view.

Third Digit

The clue for the third room is “Tasty Reminders of Home.”

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Surprise, this room can also be a bit tricky to figure out, as you actually need to count the number of apple cans and the number of actual Dumbapples. The cans are easy to find, but the Dumbapples can be very tough to see because of the room’s dark lighting. Make sure to look behind the lamp on the table to the right, and on the dresser at the very back of the room.

Fourth Digit

The clue for the fourth room is “Resting on All Four Feet.”

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The fourth room is by far the easiest to figure out, as all you need to do is count the number of chairs sitting within the room. Again, just remember to move the camera to both ends and make sure there’s nothing sitting in the corner.

Once you have all four numbers head to the safe and unlock it, where you’ll find a little surprise waiting inside. Now you can report back to the boy and find out about the fifth wonder.

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