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How to find all the materials for Aerith's flower carts in Crisis Core Reunion

Midgar full of flowers, wallet full of money.

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As a prequel to the original Final Fantasy 7, Crisis Core Reunion brings some fascinating dimensions to already-beloved characters. One of the central focuses of Crisis Core’s narrative is the budding romance between Zack and Aerith, and there’s a handful of cute little moments that help flesh out their relationship.

In Chapter 7, Zack has the chance to help Aerith build three different flower wagons, so she can travel to the upper plate and sell flowers, which is eventually how she runs into Cloud. While it's a cute story moment, the flower wagons are also one of the most involved side quests in the game, and the second and third wagons, in particular, can be a bit of a headache to build. Here’s how to get the parts for all three flower wagons in Crisis Core Reunion.

How to make the Standard Flower Wagon

Building the wagons is Zack’s last chance to spend some meaningful time with Aerith, so make the most of it.

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The first flower wagon is the only one you have to make in order to progress the story, but you’ll still need to figure out where to get all of the various parts you need. Near the beginning of Chapter 7, you’ll meet up with Aerith, who will give you a list of parts needed. The little rascal that stole your wallet earlier, Bruno, will help give you hints for where to find these, but here’s what you need to do.

  • Used Tools - Search the piles of rubble just outside of the church. While you’re doing this make note of the Shinra soldier helmet on the ground, as you’ll be returning to it shortly.
  • Old Lumber - Head to the Sector 5 Slums Market and talk to the man standing by the pile of wood, just next to the accessory shop. He’ll ask you what he should name his bar, so answer “Seventh Heaven” and you’ll get the lumber.
  • Worn Tires - Head to Sector 8 and then north to Loveless Avenue, then talk to the man in front of the car on the north side of the street. He’ll give you the tires for free.
  • How to Build a Wagon - Remember that Shinra soldier helmet? Well, head back to the street outside of the church and examine the glowing orb to find the instructions you need.

Now simply head inside the church and you’ll get a few cutscenes of Zack and Aerith building the wagon, and then taking it to the park. Eventually, you’ll end up back in the Shinra Building, and Kunsel will stop Zack to let him know he should take care of anything he wants. Make sure to pick the dialogue option “I love you man!” as that lets you head back out and explore Midgar again, versus getting locked into the ending chapters.

How to make the Cute Flower Wagon

The Cute Flower Wagon is easily the “best” of the three, but also the hardest to build.

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The Cute Flower Wagon is by far the hardest to make as the parts you need are all tied to side missions, some of which are sadly missable, meaning you might just be out of luck if you didn’t complete them. We’ll cover each part and the exact steps you need to take in order to get them, including the earliest point in the game you’d be able to do so.

Craftsman Monthly - Beat Mission 1-2-6

You can get this part as early as Chapter 2, as you’ll need to beat the series of mission that have you facing the Shinra Infantrymen. To unlock these missions head to Loveless Avenue and talk to the Shinra Captain standing on the right. This unlocks mission 1-2-1 and beating one mission will unlock the next. The Shinra Captain will be in this spot until the end of Chapter 7, so luckily this one isn’t missable.

Walnut Wood - Catch All Wutai Spies in Chapter 6

This is the hard part to get, as you absolutely have to find the Wutai Spies in Chapter 6. If you didn’t do this side quest you’ll sadly need to reload a save and do things over, or wait until your next playthrough. Finding all six spies will give you the Walnut Wood as a reward, and unlock a new set of missions. Here’s where to find all six, and note that you’ll have to talk to each three times to “blow their cover.”

  • 1st Spy - Man walking down the main street of Loveless Avenue.
  • 2nd Spy - Shinra Trooper wandering around the Sector 5 Slums Market.
  • 3rd Spy - Head to the Shinra building and go upstairs. Wait for the elevator on the right to open, and the man walking out is the third spy.
  • 4th Spy - In the upper level of Sector 8 just outside of the entrance to the Train Station. The spy is the woman with short hair talking to the man.
  • 5th Spy - Head to the Exhibit Room in the Shinra Building and find the man standing in front of the rocket display.
  • 6th Spy - In the Sector 6 Slums park find the boy with the camo hat.

Premium Tires - Beat Mission 7-1-6

This item can be earned as early as Chapter 3, but like with the Shinra Captain, the NPC will remain in the same spot up until the end of Chapter 7. Head to the Briefing Room and talk to the SOLDIER recruit, which will unlock mission 7-1-1 called “Recall Missions.” Again beating each mission will unlock the next one, so clear up through mission 7-1-6, then head back and talk to the SOLDIER again and he’ll give you the Premium Tires.

Mythril Tools - Beat Mission 2-1-6

This one is also a little tricky, but it shouldn’t be missable like the Wutai Spies. You need to beat missions 2-1-1 through 2-1-6, but the hard part is that all of these missions are unlocked through different NPCs. Here’s how to unlock each one.

  • Mission 2-1-1 - As early as Chapter 4 talk to the main near the stairs on the upper level of Sector 8. He’ll be highlighted with an orange “!” mark on the map.
  • Mission 2-1-2 - As early as Chapter 4 talk to the woman in a gray dress wandering around Loveless avenue. She’ll ask if you know about a Chocobo rider and tell here yes you do to unlock the mission.
  • Mission 2-1-3 - As early as Chapter 4 talk to the girl in the Sector 5 Slums Market, on the East side.
  • Mission 2-1-4 - As early as Chapter 4 talk to the girl at the far end of Sector 5 Slums Street, standing by the exit to the area.
  • Mission 2-1-5 - As early as Chapter 5 talk to the Shinra Infantryman standing on the upper level of the Shinra Building Entrance.
  • Mission 2-1-6 - As early as Chapter 5 talk to the researcher standing in the Exhibit Room.

After you’ve completed all these missions make sure to head back to the Exhibit Room and talk to the researcher one more time to get the Mythril Tools. Now take everything back to Aerith’s church and you can finally make the Cute Flower Wagon.

How to make the Cool Flower Wagon

All of the parts for the Cool Flower Wagon are gained through the squats minigame, which you’ll likely need to play a few times to get the hang of.

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The Cool Flower Wagon is much easier to make, but it’s still going to require a bit of patience. All of the parts for this one are earned through a squats minigame that you can play in Chapter 5 onward. To find the minigame head to the SOLDIER Floor and then go into the Training Room. Talk to the researcher in front of the computers and he’ll let you do the minigame. There are four different opponents, and each one will reward you with a piece for the flower wagon, like so.

  • Shinra Lunch Cart Specs - Beat the Trooper in the squats minigame.
  • Shinra Ceramic - Beat the Captain in the squats minigame.
  • Shinra Treads - Beat the SOLDIER 3rd-class in the squats minigame.
  • Shinra Solder - Beat the SOLDIER 2nd-class in the squats minigame.
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The minigame essentially boils down to getting the right timing as you need to hit the action button at the right time to make Zack spring up from his squat. The timing will get faster as you go, and messing up the timing will make Zack stagger and set him back at the starting speed again. The timing can be a bit tricky, but you’ll want to hit the button right as Zack’s arms are stretched behind him, just before he’s about to reach the bottom of a squat. You’ll likely need to practice a few times before you can really get things down.

After you’ve beaten every opponent, once again, head back to the church and you can build the Cool Flower Wagon, which leads to a hilarious scene as Zack and Aerith try to use it.

Crisis Core: Final Fantasy 7 Reunion is currently available on PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, Nintendo Switch, and PC.

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