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How to find a Golden Keycard in Warzone and access Mercenary Vaults

You’ll need a keycard to enter.

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Warzone Season 4

The newest Warzone update — Season 4, aka Mercenaries of Fortune — has just gone live, and it comes with a lengthy list of fresh features. Aside from the new Fortune’s Keep map, Caldera also received a facelift, now including Mercenary Vaults. These hidden vaults are found within the bunkers introduced during Season 2, but they come with an added twist: You need a Golden Keycard to enter. In this guide, we’ll show you where to find all seven vaults, how to obtain a Golden Keycard, and what’s inside.

Call of Duty: Warzone Mercenary Vault locations

During the Season 4 Mercenaries of Fortune update, seven vaults are available across Caldera. Those locations are listed on the map below. The other thing to take into consideration is that each vault (at least, the ones that are accessible so far) can only be entered using a Golden Keycard. You can still utilize the transit system without a keycard.

The full map of bunker locations at the start of Warzone Season 4.

  • Vault 02 — Docks: This bunker can be accessed via the hatch at Industrial Docks, close to some green huts, a fence, and a truck.
  • Vault 03 — Runway: You can find this bunker inside the large building with the antennae on top. Enter the building, head to the northeast corner and you’ll find a green door with the hatch that leads to the bunker.
  • Vault 05 — Mines: To locate this bunker, head west of Mines to the Phosphate Mines area, where you’ll find the next hatch.
  • Vault 08 — Lagoon: This bunker is found at Clear Water Lagoon, close to a crashed plane and a set of huts. Look for the hatch right next to the shore, right next to a small hut with a straw roof.
  • Vault 10 — Fields: You can find this bunker at Plentiful Fields, just behind the large blue building and silos. The hatch is in between patches of grass.
  • Vault 12 — Power Plant: To reach this bunker, head through the waterfall to the southeast of the main Power Plant building. Make your way inside and it’ll lead to the hatch.
  • Vault 14 — Resort: This bunker is located at the Royal Cabana Resort, to the southwest of the large yellow sniper tower, close to some trees and bushes.

Where to find a Warzone Golden Keycard

Golden Keycards spawn in chests and as floor loot.


Before accessing one of the new vaults, you’ll need to get your hands on a Golden Keycard. These are found around the world as rare drops and sometimes spawn from chests or as floor loot. Your best bet is to complete Scavenger Contracts, which seem to yield better results than simply opening chests like normal. You can also obtain a Golden Keycard from an enemy player by looting their body.

Take the Golden Keycard to the hatch, drop down, and go either left or right where you’ll find a locked door. Interact with it and you’ll use the Golden Keycard to open the door.

What’s inside the Caldera Mercenary Vaults?

Bunkers contain rare chests with cash, perks, weapons, killstreaks, and other items.


Inside each vault is a hefty amount of loot, from cash, to killstreaks, weapons, perks, Field Upgrades, and other useful items. Make sure to get stocked up before leaving.

Remember, vaults are also home to the transit system that allows you to travel around Caldera quickly.

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