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Every Call of Duty Season 4 detail and Warzone update you need to know

There's a whole lot of new Call of Duty that awaits you. Here's what you need to know to get started.

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A week after the new season of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare was delayed, fans woke up Thursday to a live (and very large) Season 4 launch update. With so many new toys to play with, it can be a little head-spinning to know what to look out for. So consider this your owner's manual to Season 4.

Here are all the new features that have arrived in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Season 4.

New Call of Duty Season 4 Weapons

Let's get to the meat of what fans really want to know about Season 4: the guns. The Season 4 Battle Pass is live with two new weapons: the Fennec SMG (unlocked at Tier 15) and the CR-56 AMAX assault rifle (unlocked at Tier 31). All players can win these guns for free in both Modern Warfare and in Warzone.

The Fennec is an SMG that Infinity Ward says is "ideal for close to medium ranged engagements" in the patch notes. Infinity Ward advises that the Fennec works best in smaller maps like Rust and Shoot House. A Legendary blueprint for the gun is unlocked at Tier 85 in the Season 4 Battle Pass.

The AMAX assault rifle has longer range and has Legendary blueprint that's unlocked at Tier 100.

Both of these guns can be upgraded or modified to your liking in Gunsmith.

Although Infinity Ward left it out of its Season 4 patch notes, a hi-res press image reveals that akimbo blades will be a new weapon in Season 4. An image of Nikto carrying kali sticks can be seen on Activision's press site (and below).

Nikto, in a new skin, wields kali sticks in Season 4 of 'Modern Warfare.' The new weapons are a part of a new weapon type, known as "akimbo blades."


New Call of Duty Season 4 Operators

Season 4 comes with not one, but three new Operators. There are also some new Mil-Sim skins for the Allegiance.

Captain Price is the marquee name for Season 4. Captain Price and his glorious mutton chops drop into Season 4 and can be unlocked at Tier 0 of the Season 4 Battle Pass.

Later this season at an undetermined date, Kyle "Gaz" Garrick, whom players control in the single-player campaign, joins the fray in his own Operator bundle. To unlock Gaz, you need to spend 2,400 CP in the marketplace for his Operator bundle. Roze, a new Operator joining the Allegiance side of the conflict, will also be released in her own bundle later this season.

Players who use Allegiance and Coalition Mil-Sim skins are also getting a few new options in Season 4.

For Allegiance Mil-Sim:

  • Balkan Blue Lightning Unit bundle (1,200 CP) will unlock a Balkan Special ATU (Anti-Terrorism Unit).
  • Russian Federal Security Bureau bundle (1,200 CP) will unlock a Russian FSB.
  • Tier 10 of Season 4 Battle Pass will unlock Urzikstan SSG I. Two more variations can be unlocked upon completion of challenges.
  • Tier 70 of Season 4 Battle Pass will unlock Russian FGF I. Two more variations can be unlocked upon completion of challenges.

For Coalition Mil-Sim:

  • JW GROM: Mil-Sim Pack (1,200 CP) will unlock a JW GROM (Polish Special Forces).
  • Tier 30 of the Season 4 Battle Pass will unlock the USMC (United States Marine Corps) Raider I. Two more variations can be unlocked upon completion of challenges.
  • Tier 50 of the Season 4 Battle Pass will unlock the Lagunari I (Italian Army). Two more variations can be unlocked upon completion of challenges.

Roze, a new Operator in 'Modern Warfare,' drops into the fray later in Season 4.


New Warzone Season 4 Updates

Season 4 of Modern Warfare is bringing some surprises to Warzone. Infinity Ward is introducing three new twists to a typical Warzone match that the developer says "can happen in any given match without advance notice."

The new twists to Warzone are:


  • All players that have been eliminated can re-enter the match. Whether you were in the Gulag or watching as a spectator, a Jailbreak will allow you to re-deploy.
  • All returning players will receive a one-minute advance notice.
  • Jailbreaks can happen anytime, and they can turn the tide of an entire match.

Supply Chopper

  • A non-lethal, heavily armored helicopter drops into Verdansk.
  • Shoot at it (rockets will be a big help) and the chopper will come down with high-quality items for players to pick up.
  • Infinity Ward says loot may include UAVs, armor boxes, munitions boxes, gas masks, and lots of cash.
  • Supply Choppers will not fire back, but be wary: Attacking one may give away your position to other players.

Fire Sale

  • When a Fire Sale happens, temporary discounts occur at Buy Stations.
  • Discounts run deep, from 80 percent off to free.
  • Loadout drops are not discounted.
  • Sales last 60 seconds.

Scrapyard, a popular map from 2009's 'Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2,' makes its triumphant return in Season 4.


New Warzone Season 4 Modes

Infinity Ward is also releasing new variations of Warzone.

Juggernaut Royale will allow three instances of the very popular killstreak perk to drop into Verdansk. When players pick it up and become a heavily-armored Juggernaut, they're still capable of riding in vehicles and climbing ladders with fall damage replaced by a ground pound that impacts anyone nearby. If Juggernauts are sent to the gulag, a new Juggernaut package will be marked and deploy into Verdansk.

Realism brings the hyper-realistic gameplay variation to multiplayer. There will be minimal HUD and increased headshot damage.

Warzone Rumble is a giant 50 versus 50 team deathmatch. Like Warzone, players must scavenge the map for weapons and gear and work to outlast the other team.

Promenade is now a new Ground War map in 'Call of Duty: Modern Warfare' Season 4.


New Call of Duty Season 4 Multiplayer Maps

Season 4 wouldn't be complete without new playgrounds to stomp around and rack up kills.

Scrapyard makes its triumphant return from Modern Warfare 2. The map is exactly as players remember it, with a torn up airplane at the center to provide some cover and strategy. It is available in standard multiplayer.

Promenade from the Warzone map of Verdansk is a new Ground War map. Tall buildings and rooftops add verticality into play.

Trench is a new Gunfight map with interconnected trenches that emphasizes fast reflexes.

Team Defender, a new multiplayer match type, arrives in Season 4.


New Call of Duty Season 4 Multiplayer Modes

Season 4 is also adding a few new multiplayer match types to freshen up the routine of Team Deathmatches and Domination.

Team Defender has one player forced to hold a flag while their teammates defend. Infinity Ward warns that communication is key to victory, so you'll want to drop in with some friends.

One in the Chamber is a free-for-all in which players start off with one handgun and one bullet. Earn additional ammo by getting kills. With only three lives, every shot must count.

All or Nothing is another free-for-all match type in which players begin with only a handgun and a throwing knife. With precision, players can become victorious.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Season 4 is available now.

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