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Xbox Game Pass: 22 brilliant indie games launching in the next 2 years

22 Games featured in the ID@Xbox Twitch showcase will also be on Xbox Game Pass the day that the launch. These are all the indie games to keep an eye out for.

While Microsoft games like Halo Infinite might be the biggest draw of Xbox Game Pass, many third-party games in the pipeline will launch straight onto the Netflix-for-games subscription when they’re released. Outriders will be on Xbox Game Pass at launch on April 1, but a whopping 22 more games are confirmed for Xbox Game Pass upon release.

All of these titles are independent games that are part of Microsoft’s ID@Xbox program. They were all highlighted during a Twitch Gaming showcase on March 26, and we can now expect them to all launch onto Xbox Game Pass across console, PC, and cloud gaming on mobile over the next year or two.

If you love indie games, here are a bunch of them that you can look forward to on Xbox Game Pass.

22. The Wild at Heart

Developer: Moonlight Kids

Humble Games

This fantasy adventure game is clearly inspired by Pikmin as players control several tiny Spritelings as they explore a magical world. According to its developers, this game is about “childhood escapism” and will be available on Game Pass for console on May 20.

21. Way to the Woods

Developer: One Pixel Dog

One Pixel Dog

This adorable but atmospheric game follows a deer and fawn as they explore what appears to be a post-apocalyptic world where humans are gone. When it launches, it’ll be on Game Pass for console and mobile.

20. Undungeon

Developer: Laughing Machines

tinyBuild Games

This action RPG features beautiful pixel art and will change massive parts of its world based on the players’ choices. Undungeon will be on Xbox Game Pass for PC, console, and mobile when it comes out in Q2 2021.

19. The Ascent

Developer: Neon Giant

Curve Digital

This sci-fi isometric shooter first debuted at an Xbox Series X showcase last year, and looks just as satisfying then as it does now. When it is finally released this year, it will be on Xbox Game Pass across PC, console, and mobile and even run at 4K and 60 FPS on Xbox Series X.

18. S.T.A.L.K.E.R. 2

Possibly the biggest Xbox Game Pass get of the bunch, this is a highly anticipated, next-gen only, horror FPS set within the exclusion zone around Chernobyl. We still don’t have a release date, but GSC Game World says it’ll be on Xbox Game Pass for console and mobile right when it launches

17. She Dreams Elsewhere

Developer: Studio Zevere

Studio Zevere

This surreal RPG elicits games like Earthbound and Undertale as players try to overcome the nightmares of a comatose woman. It will be on Xbox Game Pass for both console and PC later this year.

16. Sable

Developer: Shedworks

Raw Fury

This absolutely stunning open-world game follows a young girl named Sable as she explores an alien planet filled with ancient monuments. It’s been in development for a while but will come out soon and be on Xbox Game Pass for console and PC from day one.

15. Recompile

Developer: Phigames

Dear Villagers

Another visually stunning indie planned to release this year, Recompile follows a sentient program as it tries to escape deletion. When it launches in 2021, Recompile will be on Xbox Game Pass across PC, console, and mobile.

14. Omno

Developer: Studio Inkyfox

Studio Inkyfox

Omno is another large open-world where players uncover the secrets of an ancient world, but it was made by just one person! It will be on Xbox Game Pass for PC and console this summer.

13. Nobody Saves the World

Guacamelee! and Severed developers Drinkbox Studios unveiled their next game and confirmed it will be on Xbox Game Pass for console and mobile day one during this Twitch showcase. It’s an action-RPG where players can change between several forms as they dungeon crawl and will come out later this year.

12. Narita Boy

Developer: Studio Koba


This game hits Xbox Game Pass for console and mobile on March 30! This meta 2D platformer oozes 80s style as players explore try to save the digital world within a game called Narita One that is starting to connect with reality.

11. Moonglow Bay

This is a stunning RPG with an intriguing art style that’s all about fishing. If you love to do that and want to try a new game that captures that feeling, look no further than Moonglow Bay when it hits Xbox Game Pass for console and mobile in 2021.

10. Little Witch in the Woods

This absolutely adorable RPG follows Ellie, a young witch trying to rebuild a town's Witch’s House and master witchery by exploring the world and gathering ingredients for potions. This is my personal favorite of the bunch and will be on Xbox Game Pass for console and mobile later this year.

9. Library of Ruina

Developer: Project Moon

Project Moon

This card-based RPG has an awesome aesthetic and makes players challenge guests to not only defend their library but grow its collection. And people turn into books when defeated, so there’s that interesting wrinkle. This game is currently in early access on PC, it will be on Xbox Game Pass for console and mobile when it finally comes out.

8. Hello Neighbor 2

Developer: Dynamic Pixels

tinyBuild Games and Gearbox Software

Hello Neighbor was a quirky horror game that dominated Twitch and YouTube upon its release in December 2017, so it’s no surprise that it’s getting a sequel. It’s coming to Xbox Game Pass for console and mobile at launch.

7. Edge of Eternity

Developer: Midgar Studio

Dear Villagers

Edge of Eternity is an ambitious turn-based RPG where players explore the world of Heryon as ravaged by a war between magic users and those wielding alien technology. It’s currently in Early Access on PC, but it coming to Xbox in 2021 and will be on Game Pass for console and mobile.

6. Dead Static Drive

Developer: Team Fanclub

Team Fanclub

Described by its developers as “Grand Theft Cthulhu,” this game follows characters on a road trip that quickly becomes surreal and horrific. It will be on Xbox Game Pass for console and PC.

5. Craftopia

Developer: Pocketpair


This is a survival game that blends elements of everything from Minecraft to Monster Hunter. It will be on Xbox Game Pass for console and PC at launch.

4. Boyfriend Dungeon

Developer: Kitfox Games

Kitfox Games

This game is a dungeon crawler also lets players date their weapons. If you like visual novels and action RPG and this quirky premise intrigues you, it will come to Xbox Game Pass for console and PC.

3. Backbone

Developer: EggNut

Raw Fury

This noir point-and-click adventure RPG follows raccoon PI Howard Lotor as it uncovers a large mystery in a dystopian Vancouver. This game will be on Xbox Game Pass for console and mobile.

2. Astria Ascending

Astria Ascending is another turn-based JRPG where players must save the world with a party of eight characters. The developers think it will last player at least 30 hours when it launches on Xbox Game Pass for console and mobile later this year.

1. Art of Rally

Developer: Funselektor Labs Inc.

Funselektor Labs Inc.

This final game is more intense than its aesthetic lets on. This racer brings players through the history of Rally in a minimalist but tough adventure. It will come to Xbox Game Pass for console and mobile.

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