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Here's Where to Find Infernal Iron in Baldur's Gate 3 — and How to Use It

Turn down the heat.

Baldur's Gate 3
Larian Studios

Baldur’s Gate 3 is a massive RPG with a truly epic world-spanning story, but so much of what makes the experience special lies in its truly memorable party members. Among the potential companions is the Barbarian Karlach, quite literally a fiery hot-headed warrior.

If you’re hoping to romance Karlach, or simply want to complete her companion quest, you’ll need to get your hands on something called Infernal Iron. Taking this item to the right smith will let them modify Karlach’s Infernal Engine, cooling down her burning temperature.

Here’s everything you need to know about finding Infernal Iron and using it in Baldur’s Gate 3.

Baldur’s Gate 3 Infernal Iron Locations

There are multiple places to find Infernal Iron in Baldur’s Gate 3. We currently know about six different locations, but it’s possible there could be more. Infernal Iron does take up a slot in your inventory, so be careful not to drop it or sell it.

You’ll need to hang onto the item until you can use it, with one opportunity to do so in Act I, and then more later on when you reach the city of Baldur’s Gate. Below are all six locations for Infernal Iron, with a brief explanation of how to find each one.

Blighted Village

Find the house with the iron here.

Larian Studios

The Blighted Village to the West of Emerald Grove is where you’ll find your first piece of Infernal Iron. The village is infested with Goblins, so you’ll need to either convince them not to attack through dialogue, or defeat them in combat.

The iron is in the Northmost house in the village, in the basement. You can either Lockpick the door into the cellar, enter the top room and cast fire, or shoot an arrow at the web covering a hole and jump down. In the basement, you’ll see a chest, a ladder next to it, and another chest on a platform. Do not open the chest on the floor — it’s boobytrapped. Instead, climb the ladder and open the chest up top for the Infernal Iron.

Shattered Sanctum

Look for the treasure room here.

Larian Studios

The second Infernal Iron is in the Goblin Camp, specifically the Shattered Sanctum which is the second area after the initial camp. Again, the Goblin’s will be hostile so either convince them you come in peace or fight your way through.

The item lies in Dror Ragzlin’s treasure room at the back of the Sanctum, up the stairs after his throne. You can either steal the key from Dror Ragzlin himself, or simply use a Rogue to Lockpick the door and chest. Just be careful either way.

Zhentarim Hideout

Find the chest with the iron here.

Larian Studios

The Zhentarim Hideout is a smuggler’s den hidden in the Northwest house of Waukeen’s Rest, and there are multiple ways to access it. The easiest way is through Waukeen’s Rest, but you’ll need to convince the Zhentarim you’re their ally.

The easiest way to do this is to find the two traders trapped by Gnolls on the Risen Road. Beat the Gnolls and convince the traders you’re their ally, and they’ll provide the passcode to the hideout. Doing this will also let you talk to the Zhentarim leader and get gold and a piece of equipment as a reward.

Once you’re in the hideout proper, head to the very back of the cave, where you’ll see a number of raised pathways and locked doors. The door on the right leads to two chests, both of which are boobytrapped to be careful. The chest on the right contains Infernal Iron. Just be careful if you’re trying to lockpick as if the guards see you they’ll turn hostile. Alternatively, you can just pre-emptively attack the guards and get the key.

Underdark Grymforge

Find Stonemaker Kith here.

Larian Studios

The Underdark Grymforge is an area you’ll head to while exploring the Underdark, and seeing through the Myconid vs Duergar questline. If you side with the Myconids, you’ll be here to take out a Drow named Nere, but can still deceive the Duergar into thinking you’re on their side.

Head up the stairs to where the Grymforge waypoint lies, and find a trader named Stonemaker Kith, inspecting the ruins. If you talk to Kith he’ll ask you to tell him what you see, and if you pass a number of checks he’ll reward you with the Infernal Iron. If you fail he is a trader still, and you can buy the Infernal Iron for a couple hundred Gold.

Gauntlet of Shar

The Gauntlet of Shar is a dungeon found during Act II in the Shadow-Cursed Lands, and it’s also tied to Shadowheart's companion quest. There are multiple floors with puzzles to solve, but once you reach the depths you’ll have to defeat a necromancer named Balthazar. After doing that you can unlock the nearby chest, which contains a piece of Infernal Iron.

Reithwin’s Mason Guild

In the Shadow-Curse Lands, there’s a building called the Reithwin’s Mason Guild, found amidst the ruined city of the same name. This location actually has its own quest, but there’s a piece of Infernal Iron just sitting on a table out in the open. Head to the coordinates (X: -104, Y: 18) in order to find it.

How to Use Infernal Iron in Baldur’s Gate 3

Dammon is the key to cooling down your fiery companion.

Larian Studios

Once you have your hands on some iron you’ll need to find the proper smith to use it, and luckily he just so happens to be in Emerald Grove, also known as Druid’s Grove. Head down into the Tiefling Refugee camp and look for the building with a forge and bellow, then talk to Dammon inside.

It turns out Dammon is familiar with Infernal Engines, and he can use one piece of Infernal Iron to enhance Karlach. However, this won’t solve her problem and if you’re trying to romance her, you sadly still won’t be able to touch. Keep in mind you need to recruit Karlach and get Infernal Iron before completing the Goblins vs Refugees questline, in order to do this.

After this, Dammon will note that he’s moving on to Baldur’s Gate with the rest of the Teiflings. However, you can find him in Act II in the forge of the Last Light Inn, which you’ll run into in the Shadowlands on your way to Moonlight Towers. His forge will be an important location in Act II, not just for Karlach’s quest.

Finally, in Act III you can find Dammon in the lower city of Baldur’s Gate, in a building called Forge of the Nine, which lies just to the left of Elfsong Tavern.

Baldur’s Gate 3 is currently available on PC, and launches on September 6 for PS5.

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