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How to Unlock the Bad, Good, and True Endings in Armored Core VI

Let the last cinders burn.

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Armored Core VI: Fires of Rubicon
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All good things must come to an end, and that includes FromSoftware’s latest banger. Armored Core VI: Fires of Rubicon has a fascinating story that requires a bit of work to uncover, as the full picture doesn’t really become clear until you unlock the game’s three different endings. Luckily, Armored Core VI has a generous New Game Plus system that simplifies getting these endings, however, you’ll still need to do specific things in order to unlock them.

If you need to know the specific way to unlock the Good, Bad, or True ending in FromSoftware’s new mech title, we’ve detailed the steps for all three below.

How to Unlock the Bad Ending in Armored Core VI

Your first playthrough will likely be the hardest, as New Game Plus lets you retain your parts and upgrades.

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Both the Bad and Good endings can be unlocked on your first playthrough of Armored Core VI, depending on which choices you make. Most players will likely see the Bad Ending, “Fires of Raven,” first. Do note, that if you don’t get the Good Ending on your first playthrough, there will be a couple of extra requirements.

However, the requirements for the Bad Ending are the same no matter what, so here are the choices you’ll need to make during the campaign. To clarify, decisions in Armored Core VI are typically which missions you decide to take on, and at multiple points in the story, you’ll have to pick between two potential missions. There are more decisions than this in the story, but here are the ones you have to pick to see Fires of Raven.

  • Chapter 3 - Choose Mission 22: Destroy the Special Forces Craft.
  • Chapter 4 - Choose Mission 32: Ambush the Vespers.
  • Chapter 5 - Choose Mission 37: Intercept Corporate Forces.

The Bad Ending is intentionally unsatisfying, so if you want to see more of Armored Core VI’s story, make sure to dive back in and unlock the others.

How to Unlock the Good Ending in Armored Core VI

New Game Plus will unlock new missions and options during the story.

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For the Good Ending, “Liberator of Rubicon,” you’ll need to make different decisions. However, if you’re trying to unlock it on New Game Plus, there are two extra choices you’ll need to make along the way. Here are the three base decisions.

  • Chapter 3 - Choose Mission 21: Eliminate the Enforcement Squads.
  • Chapter 4 - Choose Mission 31: Intercept the Redguns.
  • Chapter 5 - Choose Mission 38: Eliminate “Cinder” Carla

And here are the extra choices you’ll need to make on New Game Plus.

  • During Chapter 1 - Mission 6: Attack the Dam Complex, choose “Refuse” when presented with a choice.
  • During Chapter 3, make sure to play Mission 19: Prevent Corporate Salvage of New Tech.

How to Unlock the True Ending in Armored Corve VI

The True Ending can only be unlocked on a third playthrough, or later.

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Armored Core VI’s True Ending gives you even more context into the events on Rubicon, but it’s also the toughest to get. You have to play through the game twice before you even have the option to see it, and clear some exclusive missions that can get really tough. If you’re up for the challenge, though, here’s how to unlock the “Alea lacta Est” ending, which translates to “The Dîe Is Cast.”

  • Chapter 1 - During Mission 6: Attack the Damn Complex, choose “Accept” when presented with a choice.
  • Chapter 3 - Choose Mission 19: Prevent Corporate Salvage of New Tech
  • Chapter 3 - Choose Mission 21: Eliminate the Enforcement Squads
  • Chapter 4 - Choose Mission 26-B: Coral Export Denial
  • Chapter 4 - Choose Mission 33-B: Eliminate V.III.

Armored Core VI: Fires of Rubicon is currently available on PlayStation, Xbox, and PC.

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