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Apex Legends Season 6 start date, new character, map changes and more

Apex Legends Season 5 might still be ongoing, but that doesn't mean we shouldn't look out for 6!

After enjoying an Apex Legends season filled with pilfering using Loba, it might be time to start started looking towards the future. What comes next for Apex Legends? When will Apex Legends Season 6 commence? What lore and gameplay will be introduced in the next season? We've got everything you need to know about Apex Legends Season 6.

Apex Legends Season 5 end date

EA and Respawn Entertainment have yet to make an official statement on when the latest Apex Legends season will conclude, but we can make an estimate by utilizing some friendly math.

Season 5 began on May 12, 2020. Every Apex Legends season thus far has lasted around three months, leading us to the answer that Apex Legends Season 5 will conclude in early-to-mid-August. It might lean closer to early August, due to Season 5's delayed start this would be a perfect time to re-establish the proper Apex season timing.

Apex Legends Season 6 start date

Other than the Season 1 to Season 2 intermission, Apex Legends seasons usually flow uninterrupted into one another. There's no reason to expect it will be any different for Season 6 when it starts in early-to-mid-August.

Epic Games

Is there a trailer for Season 6?

No. The season has yet to be announced so there isn't a trailer just yet. However, there are some leaks that may whet your appetite for the forthcoming season...

Leaked Apex Legends Season 6 quest dialogue

A user on Reddit found dialogue for the first six parts of a questline that will supposedly begin in Season 6 or in Season 5's tail end. There are supposedly nine quests total in this event.

The quest seems to try advancing Apex Legends' main narrative and a few personal ones. Loba has finally begun to make moves on Revenant, who killed her parents. Loba's story ties directly into the main Apex narrative, focusing on finding the mole that's leaking intelligence to Revenant, which has been teased since February. According to the currently available dialogue, the legends suspect either Wattson or Crypto to be the mole. Coincidently, they're also the characters with a direct connection to Levithan, as hinted at back in a Season two leak.

We'll have to wait for Season 6 or another game update to see how this tale pans out.

Apex Legends Season 6 new character

Although there has yet to be a formal Apex Season 6 announcement, using a combination of leaks and sleuthing, there are some ideas as to who could join the team next season.

A long-standing rumor suggests the next character will be Rampart. This was deduced using a development sheet that leaked shortly after Apex launched in 2019.

Development sheetEpic Games

The sheet lists Crypto, Revenant, and Loba at the top, meaning they were in testing phases when the sheet leaked. The top row has acted as an effective queue for the last year. We can certainly continue to trust it for characters in the pipeline. With that in mind, Rampart is placed directly after Loba, implying he's next to be implemented. Players have found information on Rampart's ability kit in the game's files to support this assessment.

According to the files, Rampart's abilities are:

  • Amped Cover – The ability makes a cover that grants a damage boost to allies in the vicinity.
  • My Friend Maxim – A mounted machine that Rampart can place. It can be used by any ally.
  • Fixer – Rampant brings out a wrench melee weapon that can be used to fix structures.
  • Cover Fire (Passive) – Rampants damage goes up when in cover. It's unknown if this stacks with the Amped Cover damage boost.
  • Gunner (Passive) – Increased magazine and reload speed with LMGs.

These abilities are subjected to change at any given time, but Rampant's placement in the game should remain similar.

Another theory is that Forge, the character that was 'killed' in Revenant's reveal trailer, might return. Apex Legends writer, Tom Casiello played very coyly when discussing Forge's death on Twitter in May

Apex Legends Season 6 will launch later in 2020

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