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4 Animal Crossing: New Horizons Turnip resources to make you a million Bells

Step aside Tom Nook, there's a new Bellionaire on the island.

Selling turnips that you buy from Daisy Mae every Sunday is one of the most effective ways to make boatloads of Bells in Animal Crossing: New Horizons. But becoming a Bellionaire by playing the so-called Stalk Market isn’t quite as simple as it might sound.

You’ll need to hope Daisy Mae is selling her turnips at a bargain price (ideally under 100 Bells). Then you need to constantly check in with Timmy and Tommy Nook twice a day on your island to see how much they’ll buy your turnips for. (And keep track of the prices every day.) Alternatively, you can head to other players’ islands to check if the Nooklings will buy them at a higher price there.

Optimizing your Stalk Market gains can be a lot to keep up with. Luckily, a handful of seasoned turnip traders out there have put together an arsenal of tools to make predicting prices trends and finding the best places to sell on other islands a total breeze.

Here are four essential Stalk Market tools to maximize your stacks of Bells.

Time to make cold-hard Bells from all these root veggies.

4. Predict price patterns on your own

The Stalk Market has been around since the days of Animal Crossing: New Leaf on the Nintendo 3DS and veterans have seemingly deciphered the different price patterns that the Nooklings will follow every week. There are four known trends they’ll follow: Random, Decreasing, Small Spike, and Large Spike.

Twitter user Maddox Knight on designed an infographic to help gamers visualize the Stalk Market patterns If you want to be an honest-to-goodness turnip trader note down the prices that Timmy and Tommy offer you on your island twice a day and try to see which of the patterns they fall under.

3. Ask the Turnip Prophet

If you want a second opinion Redditor u/mikebryanuk created and published a turnip price prediction web widget, called Turnip Prophet, that attempts to predict turnip prices based on past prices you input. If you’re already jotting down turnip prices every day, you might as well type them into the widget to double-check your predictions.

You can take this a step further by having your friends do the same and traveling to the island with the best-expected price if you really want to start gaming the system. Just remember: These predictions are all estimates so they can and will be wrong. But the more data you input the more accurate the Turnip Prophet should be.

If you really want to grow your fortune, consider hitting the Turnip Exchange for the chance of becoming a Bellionaire overnight.

You can't plant turnips and Daisy Mae is the only vendor that sells them.

2. Hit the Turnip Exchange for the best prices

Turnip Exchange website is perhaps the best place to go and there’s also an overlapping dedicated r/acturnips subreddit. The idea is players post on the exchange when their Nooklings are buying at high prices and others visit by using New Horizons' built-in Dodo Code system to sell their turnips.

All of this works on a first-come, first-serve basis since only eight other players can be on an island at once. Depending on how stellar the price is (we’ve seen some as high as 650 Bells!) there could be a long wait. The website handles managing queues and will distribute Dodo Code as needed, so you don’t need to worry about people cutting in line if you want to host.

Hosts will more often than not request that visitors leave a specific minimum tip, especially those with mouth-watering prices. Also, keep in mind that prices go fast, so if you’re browsing on the site make sure to always check the date the host posted their listing or sort the subreddit by “New” posts for the latest listings.

1. Take the turnip exchange on the go

If you’d rather do your turnip trading directly from your iPhone, consider downloading the Animal Crossing (NH) Exchange iOS app. This tool was created by Redditor u/DevonBernard and published Friday and provides a less crowded exchange alternative.

Certain Turnip Exchange users have reported that bots have been hogging places in lines and keeping other players from accessing others’ islands. The new exchange app requires users to prove they’re not robots with a Captcha verification, plus since it’s a new platform there will be overall fewer users on it than the OG Turnip.Exchange.

Happy trading!

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