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When and how to sell your turnips in Animal Crossing: New Horizons for Bells

Sunday is turnip time, baby.

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Daisy Mae in "Animal Crossing: New Horizons"

There are countless ways to earn heaps of Bells in Animal Crossing: New Horizons, but there’s only one tried and tested way to set islanders on a fast track to becoming Bellionaires: reselling turnips they buy from Daisy Mae.

After you've progressed far enough into New Horizons, a drippy-nose, orange boar — named Daisy Mae — will begin to visit your island every Sunday. Each week she’ll bring her freshly picked turnips, which she sells for a different price every week. The lower the price, the better, since you’ll be able to flip the turnips you buy to Timmy and Tommy Nook — either on your island or someone else's — and you can potentially make ten times what your initial investment.

While it might sound easy to make a fortune off of Daisy Mae and the Nooklings, playing the so-called “Stalk Market” is actually much more convoluted than it sounds, especially if you want to make a killing. Maximizing the amount of money you earn each takes diligence, careful planning, help from the millions of other Animal Crossing players, and a little luck.

Here’s everything you need to know to become a bonafide turnip trader on the Stalk Market.

Play the Stalk Market like a pro.

How to find Daisy Mae

The first step to begin playing the Stalk Market is finding Daisy Mae. She’ll only start visiting your village once you’ve constructed Nook’s Cranny, which requires you to find 30 Iron Nuggets, along with other supplies.

You’ll need to put in a decent amount of work before you can try to profit from Daisy Mae’s weekly visit, but once Nook’s Cranny is functioning you can get into the routine.

When does Daisy Mae visit?

Daisy Mae will arrive with a fresh batch of turnips every Sunday at 5 a.m. and she’ll stick around until 12 p.m. Once she arrives, she’ll be selling her turnips at a fixed price, no exceptions — and it won't change that day at all. It’ll be up to you to determine when to buy when you think you’ll be able to make a quick buck.

When should you buy Daisy Mae’s turnips?

If you ever run into Daisy Mae selling her turnips for under 100 Bells don’t hesitate to pick up a few. Make sure you have a lot of Bells on you so you can make the most of bargain prices.

Turnips come in bundles of 10 and they cannot be planted, so don’t try to grow your own. Daisy Mae and her “Gram-Gram Joan” are the island’s turnip monopoly and you have to play by their rules.

Just throw your purchased turnips on the ground to store them. But don't forget to sell them or they'll rot!

How to stash your turnips

Storing your newly purchased turnips is a little messy but straight forward. They can’t be placed in your house inventory so just leave them on your floor until you want to sell them.

Keep in mind that turnips will rot after one week. Once rotten, turnips can’t be sold and they’ll attract ants, so make sure you remember exactly when you have to sell them to avoid losing the Bells you invested.

How to sell your turnips

Timmy and Tommy Nook will be the chumps you’ll want to unload all of your turnips on every week to turn a profit. But much like Tom Nook, they’re shrewd business raccoons, so it’s going to take a little work on your end to make sure you’re selling them for maximum earnings.

The Nooklings will buy your turnips every day except Sunday and their offering price fluctuates. It'll be one price when the store opens at 8 a.m. and another after 12 p.m. noon. So you’ll need to check in with them at least twice a day if you want to unload your stash of turnips on your island. Prices will fluctuate on specific algorithms on any given weeks, which can help you to predict prices.

What are the turnip price patterns?

There are four known price patterns that have been since the days of Animal Crossing: New Leaf on the 3DS. They are Random, Decreasing, Small Spike, and Large Spike (or Camel Hump). Stalk Market expert Maddox Knight on Twitter put together an infographic to help budding turnip traders visualize what they look like.

Four Stalk Market patterns that have been noticed by 'Animal Crossing' fans.


How to tell what pattern is happening on your island

Trying to decipher where the Stalk Market is going every week can be a daunting task, but Redditor u/mikebryanuk created and published a turnip price prediction web widget, called Turnip Prophet, that attempts to predict turnip prices based on past prices you input. If you’re already jotting down turnip prices every day, you might as well type them into the widget to double-check your predictions. You can also pool your resources together with friends to see who has the best price pattern on any given week.

You can take this a step further by having your friends do the same and traveling to the island with the best-expected price if you really want to start gaming the system. Just remember: These predictions are all estimates so they can and will be wrong. But the more data you input the more accurate the Turnip Prophet should be.

If you really want to grow your fortune, consider hitting the Turnip Exchange for the chance of becoming a Bellionaire overnight.

You better make some room on your island to store all of your turnips if you want to make a fortune.


How to sell turnips on the Turnip Exchange

The best resource for maximizing your profits in the Stalk Market is called Turnip Exchange. The official Turnip Exchange website is perhaps the best place to go, but there's also an overlapping dedicated r/acturnips subreddit.

Using the Dodo Code system inherent to Animal Crossing: New Horizons that allows anyone to visit a stranger's island so long as they have their Dodo Code, both systems allow dozens of players to invade a strange island in a somewhat orderly fashion. Everyone walks away with tons of Bells.

Anyone can host their island's current sell price in either place. Plenty of players on the subreddit will request that people submit their favorite food or Villager from the game, and others will request a specific minimum tip (Capitalism!).

In a more straightforward fashion, the website will establish waiting queues for anyone who wants to sell their turnips at a high price, and once you're up, it will automatically distribute the Dodo Code needed. Most redditors on the subreddit will use the website's queue's anyway, but if you do use the subreddit, be sure to filter by "New" to get the most up-to-date listings.

Demand increases dramatically for islands where the sell prices reach 600 or beyond, which obviously leads to incredibly long waits. But plenty of players are willing to wait hours if it means turning a 100,000 Bell investment into a cool 1,000,000.

It's going to be a little messy, but think of the bells!


Where else can you sell your turnips?

If you’d rather do your turnip trading directly from your iPhone, consider downloading the Animal Crossing (NH) Exchange iOS app. This tool was created by Redditor u/DevonBernard and provides a less-crowded exchange alternative.

Certain Turnip Exchange users have reported that bots have been hogging places in lines and keeping other players from accessing others’ islands. The new exchange app requires users to prove they’re not robots with a Captcha verification, plus since it’s a new platform there will be overall fewer users on it than the OG Turnip.Exchange.

With all of this information in hand, you'll be richer than even Tom Nook in no time.

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