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Everything you need to make 3 new homes in Animal Crossing: New Horizons

Island life is booming.

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Animal Crossing: New Horizons has finally landed on Nintendo Switch, and not a moment too soon. This chilled-out island life sim is a tranquil escape from all the anxiety-spiking coronavirus news out there, and a great way to wile away your time cooped up in the house. At some point during your first week, after you’ve expanded your house, built the Museum and the Nook’s Cranny item store, and laid out a bridge, Tom Nook will ask you for yet another favor. You’ll need to select three plots of land for future residents, and then construct several interior and exterior items for each.

Here's a rundown of how to approach it, and below you'll find a checklist of all the materials you'll need to make to construct each item.

Oh deer!


Each plot requires you to build 6 items, 3 interior and 3 exterior items. While you’re still at Resident Services, construct a simple workbench and bring it along with you, so you can craft on-location near the three construction sites. You'll drop interior items into the box near each plot, while exterior items should be set up just alongside the construction tent.

You’ll need a lot of wood, so getting this all together can take more than one day, or require you to go off island using a Nook Miles Voucher. You’ll be on the lookout for all three types of wood (wood, softwood and hardwood), as well as Iron Nuggets. You’ll also want to keep whatever your native fruit is handy as opposed to selling them for a while. (For us, that meant oranges) Try to avoid cutting down trees and destroying rocks on your own island.

Once Tom Nook has asked you to find the plots of land and construct the items, he’ll also give you the recipe for the Ladder, which will allow you to explore new territories on your island. There’ll be more trees there and some new rocks to mine. Don’t forget to check your storage back home, if you’ve been socking away excess wood and other materials rather than selling them.

We’ve listed all 18 of the items you’ll need to make below, and the required materials to construct each, so you don’t need to keep opening your Nook Phone to check.

Craft a workbench at Resident Services and keep it in your pocket, then put it near your construction sites to save time.


Plot 1 items to craft and necessary materials

Note: This is the process we went through with oranges as the native fruit. Specific recipes and requirements vary slightly depending on whatever your fruit is.


Orange wall-mounted clock

  • 10 oranges
  • 2 wood

Orange end table

  • 10 oranges
  • 4 wood


  • 5 clay


Hay bed

  • 20 clump of weeds

Swinging Bench

  • 5 wood
  • 7 softwood


  • 5 wood
  • 2 iron nugget

Total: 20 oranges, 16 wood, 5 clay, 20 clump of weeds, 7 softwood, 2 iron nugget

You'll need a lot of wood, but don't chop down all your trees!


Plot 2 items to craft and necessary materials


Wooden-block Stereo

  • 1 wooden block toy (3 softwood)
  • 5 softwood
  • 2 iron nugget

Wooden-block Table

  • 1 wooden block toy (3 softwood)
  • 8 softwood

Pansy Wreath

  • 3 yellow pansies
  • 3 white pansies
  • 3 red pansies


Iron Garden Chair

  • 3 iron nugget

Iron Garden Table

  • 5 iron nugget


  • 2 wood
  • 5 softwood

Total: 24 softwood, 10 iron nugget, 2 wood, 3 yellow pansies, 3 white pansies, 3 red pansies

Keep an eye out for pansies during your log-chopping expedition.


Plot 3 items to craft and necessary materials


Wooden simple bed

  • 18 wood

Wooden chair

  • 8 hardwood

Classic pitcher

  • 4 clay


Log Dining Table

  • 15 hardwood

Log Bench

  • 5 hardwood

Wooden Bucket

  • 3 wood
  • 1 iron nugget

Total: 21 wood, 28 hardwood, 4 clay, 1 iron nugget

The more houses the build, the more friends you'll have on your little paradise.


All in all, that's a lot of materials. Here's what it amounts to when you add up the grand total for all three plots:

  • 20 oranges
  • 39 wood
  • 31 softwood
  • 28 hardwood
  • 9 clay
  • 20 clumps of weed
  • 13 iron nugget
  • 3 of each color of pansy (yellow, white, and red)

Animal Crossing: New Horizons is available now on Nintendo Switch.

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