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5 best Nintendo Switch games for under $20

Game for cheap.

If you're penny-pinching or super saving, enjoying your Switch can be tough. There are so many $60 games out there that it can seem impossible to afford anything. Rather than wring your wallet dry, try purchasing something a bit cheaper. We've found six spectacular Switch games that will cost you less than $20.

5. Baba Is You

Visually, Baba Is You is a relic reminiscent of every NES-era game you could conceivably imagine. Don't let that halt your purchase, the gameplay builds directly upon modern puzzle conventions. You'll build the rules that you need to follow on the fly by interacting with words on the map that read like "Walk through walls," making Baba Is You one of the most complex puzzle games around.

You'll scratch your head at times, but boy will you leave satisfied.

4. Hollow Knight

Imagine if you took Megaman ZX and threw in a dash of Tim Burton's Nightmare Before Christmas flare, you'd get Hollow Knight. When enjoyed in handheld mode, Hollow Knight is possibly the best Metroidvania on the Nintendo Switch. The combat is challenging, but you'll never feel outpaced by what's ahead of you. New skills will unlock at a gradual pace, right as you're beginning to wonder what else the game has in store for you.

Even accounting for possible frustration, Hollow Knight takes between 30 and 40 hours to complete. If you're looking for a lengthy sidescroller to sate your enjoyment, pick up Hollow Knight. Unfortunately, after you play it, you'll have difficulty finding a Metroidvania game that matches it in quality.

3. Katamari Damacy: Reroll

A flamboyant king from outer space has arrived on earth and in his wake destroyed all the stars in the sky. Whoops. To fix this mess, his Prince of a son is sent to earth, tasked to collect trash, which the king will use to rebuild the solar system. As the diminutive prince (standing 5cm tall), you'll roll up all the trash you can find. As you continue, you'll begin to collect living creatures like tigers.

This is the perfect game for all the goofballs out there. Katamari Damacy is the epitome of weird experimental goofy games. So long as you enter ready for a good time, Katamari will give you one.

2. Cuphead

Playing Cuphead is like watching a Popeye cartoon that makes you scream in agony whenever you express enjoyment. Cuphead has the aesthetic of old Max Fleischer cartoons like Betty Boop and Popeye, paired with the difficulty of the toughest sidescroller you can imagine.

Luckily, you won't have to play it alone. A friend can join your adventures as Mugman. This is the perfect game to play through if you like sidescrollers, old cartoons, or if you something to play with a pal that will take time, but not too much time.


Finding yourself is a tough ordeal that feels nearly impossible within the moment of searching. It's easy to choose to revel in your own anxiety rather than experiencing an unknown change that could lead to self-improvement. Gris explores the moment of that choice. Using a beautiful side-scrolling adventure, you'll be taken on a journey of discovery to overcome the things that hold you back. Every time you make progress, the world will gain a little bit more color.

Gris is a fantastic game if you're looking for a quick and moving narrative. You likely won't find much or any challenge in the gameplay, but Gris isn't meant to be frustrating. Gris is art before it's a video game, which is exactly why you need to play it right away.

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