'Destiny 2' Xur Location December 7-11: Map, Video, and Items Guide

Grab a SUROS Regime at long last.

Xur, Agent of the Nine, emerges every Friday after the daily Destiny 2 reset at 1 p.m. Eastern to peddle his wares in a totally random location, and then he disappears on Tuesday with the weekly reset at the same time. He always sells one exotic weapon, one piece of armor for each character class, an Isochronal Engram, and a Five of Swords challenge card to enable Nightfall modifiers, all for various Legendary Shard prices.

Everything he sells is just under 20 Light Level lower than a character’s current maximum. (That translates to 581 for players right at 600.) For anyone working towards increasing their light over the weekend now that Black Armory increased the maximum, they’d do well to wait until Monday or Tuesday morning to visit Xur so his gear is higher light.

So where is Xur hanging out Friday, December 7 through Tuesday, December 11?

This one’s really easy, because Xur is in the Hangar at the Tower.

Head through Amanda's workshop to the balcony in the far back area of the Hangar.


Xur has quite the haul from December 7 through 11.


To get there, simply turn left upon spawning in the Tower and go through the Hangar. Turn left when reaching Amanda’s workshop and head to the far side of the room. Xur’s standing on a raised balcony up a flight of stairs.

This week, Xur has the SUROS Regime, ACD/0 Feedback Fence, Crown of Tempests, and Ophidia Spathe.

SUROS Regime — Kinetic Auto Rifle

This one’s a must-buy. The SUROS Regime might’ve been much more popular in the first Destiny, but in an era when everybody’s grinding Gambit matches looking for Auto Rifle kills for the Breakneck pursuit, it’s more than worth it to have a gun like this.

SUROS Regime’s exotic perk causes the bottom half of each magazine to deal bonus damage and it has a chance to return health on a kill. It also gives players the option to slow down the rate of fire and increase damage when aiming down the sights or gradually increase the rate of fire while holding down the trigger.

ACD/0 Feedback Fence — Titan Gauntlets

ACD/0 Feedback Fence gauntlets might look really cool, but the perk is a little too specific to really excel. Melee kills build energy that explodes outward when the players is then struck by a melee attack. Titans have great melee capabilities already, but this exotic over-incentivizes a reckless playstyle that doesn’t really make them worth it. But for an aggressive Titan, they can work really well in PvP.

Crown of Tempests — Warlock Helmet

A must-have for any Warlock that likes running Stormcaller, the Crown of Tempests makes it so that Arc ability kills restore Arc abilities, essentially created an endless loop of electric power. But Arc kills also extend the duration of Stormtrance. So in the right hands, that makes for a devastating combo in PvP or PvE in all sorts of circumstances.

Ophidia Spathe — Hunter Chest Armor

The unique perk on Ophidia Spathe grants two knife charges, so it’s specifically tailored towards Gunslinger. It’s really useful when running the newer Way of a Thousand Cuts subclass tree in PvE activities because with that, destroying burning enemies recharges throwing knives already. So in situations with large groups of weaker enemies, a Hunter with this chest armor can just keep throwing flaming knives.

Xur will close up shop on Tuesday, December 11 at 1 p.m. Eastern.

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