'Destiny 2' Breakneck Quest, Gameplay: Season 5's Gambit Pinnacle Weapon

A real game-changer in PvE.

With a new Destiny 2 season comes new epic pursuits that let players acquire some of the most powerful weapons the game has to offer. The first-ever Gambit pinnacle weapon for Season of the Forge is called Breakneck, and it’s an overpowered auto-rifle. So how can players get it?

Now that Season of the Forge has arrived in Destiny 2 as of November 27, the light level cap has been raised to 650 and a slew of new pursuits were released so players can start grinding their way towards achieving three new pinnacle weapons. The Black Armory expansion doesn’t begin until December 4, so three new pursuits — one each for Strikes, Gambit, and the Crucible — will take up the bulk of players’ time starting ASAP.

Bungie previously revealed everything there is to know about Season 5’s pinnacle weaponry via the November 21 “This Week at Bungie” blog post, including every step needed to acquire each weapon.

Pinnacle Weapons are easier to get in 'Destiny 2' Season 5.


Breakneck is a kinetic precision auto rifle, meaning a slightly slower rate of fire with longer range and greater precision, similar to the Hazard Cast. It comes with Rampage, a typical weapon perk that temporarily increases damage by about 21 percent after a kill and stacks up to three times. But the unique perk makes Breakneck a real game-changer. “Onslaught” increases the rate of fire increases as Rampage is stacked.

In PvE activities with large crowds of lesser enemies, Breakneck is an absolute beast, especially when paired with passive abilities like a Striker Titan’s Rally Barricade or a Hunter’s dodge that can instantly reload.

Here’s every step in the quest for Breakneck:

Step 1
Pick up the quest from the Drifter

Wow! An easy first step.

Banking Motes in 'Destiny 2' Gambit.

Step 2
Complete all the following objectives; you can earn progress toward these goals at the same time.
500 Auto Rifle kills
100 Auto Rifle multikills
150 challenging enemies defeated
40 Gambit matches completed

The entire Breakneck pursuit is essentially four overlapping tasks stacked into a single step, making it far easier than other pinnacle weapons we’ve seen before. Generally speaking, just always have one or two auto rifles equipped while playing Gambit and these tasks should complete themselves.

A Cerberus+1 (the auto rifle that fires four bullets at once) will come in handy for taking down those challenging enemies, but also remember that Sweet Business, the minigun, technically qualifies as an auto rifle. Outside of exotic weapons like these or the Suros Regime, it’s best to just use whatever auto rifle works best.

500 auto rifle kills should come easy enough no matter what, but one with Rampage on it will come in handy when it comes to multikills. As such, it might be time to whip out the Festival of the Lost’s Horror Story.

When it comes to challenging enemies, any enemy with a yellow health bar qualifies. So Blockers, High-Value Targets, and Primeval Envoys should be a special focus for this.

For the most part, this pursuit is much easier than the one for the Mountaintop, so auto rifle fans should be thankful for that.

Watch Bungie’s latest ViDoc for even more on “The Road Ahead,” including Season of the Forge and everything beyond.

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