The First 'Pokemon Sun' and 'Moon' Global Event Is Here

You gottta catch 'em all ... but can you help catch 100 million of 'em?


Global connectivity in the Pokémon games was initially kicked off in Generation IV with the Global Terminal; now, via the Pokémon Global Link, players can not only claim free rewards — like the Mystery Gift of a Munchlax and Snorlium Z until January — but in the first Global Event this generation, they can also compete together en masse towards the collective goal of reaching 100 million captured Pokémon before December 13.

Challenge accepted! And be sure to focus on all the good ones in the wonderful land of Alola. Global, catastrophic failure will still get you 100 Festival Coins for use in the Festival Plaza, but success will award everyone with 10 times as many (!).

The deeper you dive into Festival Plaza, which is what Sun and Moon use to connect to other players, the more kinds of rewards open up, so it can’t hurt to also do as much as you can in there as you pursue this lofty goal of 100,000,000 captured Pokémon. Considering that Festival Plaza is all about global connectivity for things like battling and trading, it stands to reason that rewards for similar future events might also be Festival Coins.

Get a Game Sync ID at the console to the right, and then speak to the NPC next to it to participate.


But before you go out into the many clusters of tall grass, and blow all your in-game money on Poké Balls, be sure to follow the necessary steps to ensure that you’re participating properly.

You have to go to the Festival Plaza via the main menu to register for a Game Sync ID at the terminal inside the castle. You follow that somewhat convoluted registration process by brandishing that number at There, you’ll also have to register for Pokémon Trainer Club — if you haven’t already. Once everything is synced, you can start tossing Poké Balls left and right.

Players can check in with the hula lady at any time to see their progress towards the goal of 100 million captured beasts. Additionally, they can check out the Global Events Calendar to keep up on whatever ongoing events are happening.

You’ve got two weeks to help the rest of the world get there, and our collective success will determine precisely how dope your new outfit will be once purchased with those new Festival Coins, so get catchin’!

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