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Future Love

How advancements in science, technology, and culture are changing love, sex, and dating.

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Pioneering study reveals how babies work out who they can trust

Babies may drool a lot themselves, but they’re more interested in your drool than you might think.

Family ties

Look: Ancient family tree chronicles two surprising traits of Stone Age society

Hello Kitty

Why doesn’t my cat like me? Six ways to put your pet at ease

Cat experts offer advice on getting a cat to like you, including science-backed tips on giving your feline a sense of control and putting them at ease.


Psychologist reveals 3 strategies to stop sabotaging your relationships

How to stop the itch to ditch.


The scientific reason to swipe right on someone with a dog in their dating profile

There’s an art to creating profiles, including uploading photographs to prompt a potential mate to indicate interest.


What mental health experts say people get wrong about divorce

Is a “painless” divorce possible? Experts say that’s the wrong question.

Mind and Body

One emotion can give an unexpected boost to your career

Can organizations harness the green gremlin to boost productivity?


Who invented tattoos? Ancient history reveals the controversial truth

Those who lost loved ones to the disease are using tattoos to create memorials.


The unexpected connection between the brain, heart, and stories

Just listen.


The science of sexual orientation

Can genes explain sexuality? Should we even try to know?

Best buds

6 animal bromances that show the value of male friendship

There’s strength in numbers.


Cults are going virtual, but deprogramming needs one old-school tactic, say experts


3 insights men say they wish they knew before their infertility diagnosis

1. Talk to someone about your diagnosis.


Magic mushrooms: Why cancer patients are suing the DEA

Plus: the diet your memory needs now.


How do single dads start dating? The one vital question to ask

“Don't put undue pressure on yourself, but also don't let your behavior be guided by fear.”

Mind and Body

Why a good home life is important for teens — and their peers, too