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The love calculator: How many dates does it take to find the "one"?
Ali Pattillo
Use math to hack your love life.
'Harry Potter and the Cursed Child' star addresses controversial fan theory
Jake Kleinman
The son of Draco Malfoy has seen your fan art ... and he has some thoughts.
Sunday scaries
Psychologists answer 4 important questions for couples self-quarantining
Sarah Sloat
"Don’t feel obligated to do everything together."
Coronavirus: With life on lockdown, should we just give up on teleology completely?
Clare Holdsworth
Coronavirus has brought about an unprecedented global shutdown.
Mind and Body
The Dos and don'ts of coronavirus sex
Gonzalo R. Quintana Zunino
There is no evidence that kissing through a mask — as depicted in this image— is a safe practice!
love in the time of coronavirus
'Animal Crossing: New Horizons' held a surprise wedding. Here's the true story.
Corey Plante
One couple living in New York City was scheduled to be married on April 12, but after their nuptials were canceled by their venue, the groom-to-be carefully planned a surprise ceremony within 'Animal Crossing: New Horizons.' This is their story.
New studies on the Himba people reveal a profound lesson about fatherhood
Rob Brooks
New research challenges the idea that humans are "monogamish."
Future love
From cheating to pregnancy reveals, wearables know what you're doing intimately
Becca Caddy
Wearables are tracking you now. They could help relationships in the future.
The social brain
Brain scans reveal how men and women respond differently to relationships
Grace Browne
The "human social brain" looks different across sexes.
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Before you share your password with your partner, here's what the (very cautious) experts say
Sam Blum
Once you open the door to your digital life, it's hard to close it.
Turf War
Eerily human trait suggests gorillas aren't as chill as we thought
Nina Pullano
Turns out social relationships are complicated for our closest primate relatives, too.
A maligned human trait is the key to our survival
Connor Wood
What could account for our species’ incredible evolutionary successes?
Future love
Location sharing: Relationship experts are split over this technological question
Nina Bahadur
A dive into the debate: Is it creepy or convenient?
Mind and Body
Future Love
Nick Lucchesi
Inverse explores the science and innovation around the changing future of sex, love, relationships, and texting.
Future love
Can office romances ever be ethical? Psychologists and daters dish
Katie MacBride
The “office romance” has become a confusing, and especially controversial, space to navigate. So how do you navigate it all?
Let's talk about sex, baby
One "underreported” issue may be ruining the sex lives of almost half the population
Ali Pattillo
"This is a wake-up call."
The cancer lie people believe about sex is creating stigma
Jayne Lucke
A study published this month clears it up.
Mind and Body
“Love is Blind”: This 2013 study explains why the Netflix show is so good
Grace Browne
Attraction science explains why reality show couples fall so fast.
“Super-archaics:" Meet the humans who may have mated with your ancestors
Sarah Sloat
These ancient humans were likely the first inhabitants of Eurasia.
The brain of a lifelong bully looks different than the general population's
Ali Pattillo
People with lifelong antisocial behavior may share neurological commonalities, a new brain-scan study shows.