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Future Love

How advancements in science, technology, and culture are changing love, sex, and dating.

Cat Corner

Why is my cat scratching furniture? The answer might surprise you

Scientists identify a surprising link between this feline behavior and emotional closeness.


Tales of Arise producer on the secrets behind 2021’s best video-game romance

Warning: Spoilers ahead!

Mind and Body

Study confirms the “orgasm gap” is more social than biological

This way of thinking isn’t new or isolated to the bedroom.


What happened with Miriam and her mom at the end of A Memoir Blue?

No words needed.


Stressed? Five psychologist-tested strategies to let it go and forgive

What to do when life kicks the crap out of you?

Mind and Body

Sex chromosomes play a surprisingly big role in this deadly heart condition

Sex and gender disparities in cardiovascular disease are rampant.

Mind and Body

Empathy is not enough: Four brain hacks to take action

Here’s what too much empathy can do.

Reel Science

The trippiest sci-fi movie on Amazon Prime reveals a strange debate about the human brain

Can we really erase our memories like the characters in 'Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind'? Experts explain.

Mind and Body

How to make friends as an adult: 3 psychology-backed tips

Many people try to keep their circle of old friends as long as possible, given the trust they may have built up over many years.


30 years ago, one scientist redefined social networks — and revealed an evolutionary truth

The contrast is reflected in the size of the group these two methods predict for humans.

Sunday Scaries

Breakups and loneliness could put men at risk of disease in one specific way

A combo of breakups and living alone for many years is associated with heightened levels of inflammation.

share and share alike

Pioneering study reveals how babies work out who they can trust

Babies may drool a lot themselves, but they’re more interested in your drool than you might think.

Family ties

Look: Ancient family tree chronicles two surprising traits of Stone Age society

Hello Kitty

Why doesn’t my cat like me? Six ways to put your pet at ease

Cat experts offer advice on getting a cat to like you, including science-backed tips on giving your feline a sense of control and putting them at ease.


Psychologist reveals 3 strategies to stop sabotaging your relationships

How to stop the itch to ditch.


The scientific reason to swipe right on someone with a dog in their dating profile

There’s an art to creating profiles, including uploading photographs to prompt a potential mate to indicate interest.