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Who Is the Bad Guy in The Acolyte? We Finally Know the Answer

It was [SPOILERS] all along.

The Acolyte

From the very first week The Acolyte premiered, speculation has swirling over one big question: Who was Mae’s Sith Master, the helmeted dark lord referred to by fans as “Darth Teeth” or “Smilo Ren.” It was just one of multiple mysteries in the series, but it was definitely the biggest. After all, this was the main villain of the show and we had no idea who he was. That is, until The Acolyte Episode 5.

After following Mae to the jungle world of Khofar in Episode 4, the Jedi and Osha are shocked to find that someone other than Mae had already murdered the Wookie Jedi Kelnacca — her master took on the job himself. The Sith villain then attacks the Jedi group, setting up a cliffhanger that would be resolved in The Acolyte Episode 5.

Warning! Major spoilers for The Acolyte Episode 5, “Night,” ahead!

Qimir’s big reveal as Mae’s Sith master in The Acolyte Episode 5


After multiple lightsaber duels and dead Jedi (RIP Jecki, Yord, and their five nameless colleagues) we finally get to see who is really behind the helmet: It’s Qimir, Mae’s poison supplier, sidekick, and general sounding board who’s seemed suspicious from the start.

It’s not exactly unexpected. Fans have theorized that Qimir was the Sith Lord from the very first episode, and the evidence kept piling up, especially in Episode 4. “Night” saw Qimir following Mae to Khofar, warning her against betraying her master, and then conveniently disappearing before her master actually showed up.

Even outside of the show itself, there have been signs. In the background of a behind-the-scenes featurette about the (genuinely impressive) combat featured in this series, you can see Manny Jacinto practicing with a lightsaber, not something a supposed civilian like Qimir would ever need to do.

If you looked closely at the promotional videos, you could see Manny Jacinto brushing up on his saber training.


But just because The Acolyte hasn’t kept this secret very well doesn’t mean that it’s not earned. Qimir was the obvious choice because he is the character who is closest to Mae — anyone else just wouldn’t make sense, and now Mae has to grapple with her own loyalties because in her mind, both the Jedi and the Sith have betrayed her in different ways.

There are still three episodes left for The Acolyte to cope with its bigger mysteries but at least we now have a face to attach to all these evil works. He may not have a Sith name just yet, but a nameless evil is better than a faceless one.

The Acolyte is now streaming on Disney+.

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