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Qimir, The Acolyte’s Evil Sidekick, Could Feature in the Show’s Biggest Twist

Have we already met the man under the Sith mask?

The Acolyte

No Star Wars story is complete without a freaky Sith dude in a freaky Sith mask. The original trilogy, of course, had Darth Vader. The sequels had Kylo Ren. Even Ahsoka had its own masked villain in Marrok, though the series didn’t exactly capitalize on his potential.

Hopefully the same won’t be said for The Acolyte, the first live-action story set in Star Wars’ High Republic era. The series takes place about 100 years before the Jedi Order fell to the machinations of the Sith; appropriately, it follows the emergence of a Sith Master, the first the Order has seen in centuries.

Like in many Star Wars stories, the identity of our Sith villain is a mystery in The Acolyte’s first two episodes. Not even his apprentice, Mae (Amandla Stenberg), knows who’s under the mask. That twist adds an interesting wrinkle to an otherwise straightforward noir, and theories about our new Sith’s identity are already taking shape.

The list of potential suspects is pretty thin, as so little is known about the High Republic era. While a few established Sith could potentially be around when The Acolyte takes place, it makes more sense to introduce an original villain. In fact, the series might have already revealed his true identity.

The Acolyte has dropped precious few clues about its villain’s identity.


The Acolyte takes place during a peak in Republic history, with thousands of Jedi at the height of their power and influence. Still, the Jedi Order finds itself on the back foot, while traditional underdogs like Mae draw power from the element of surprise. Mae really only has one ally in Qimir (Manny Jacinto), a scoundrel type who pretty much does whatever Mae asks.

But don’t let his scruffy façade and easygoing temperament fool you: Qimir might be the most important character we’ve met so far. He’s established as a hustler who shares Mae’s loyalty to her master, but so far he’s proving to be a much more effective mentor than the big boss. While the Sith delivers cryptic instructions about slaying “the dream” of the Jedi and slaying a Force-user without a weapon, Qimir offers specific nuggets of wisdom tailor-made to solve Mae’s unique dilemmas.

It’s Qimir who shows May exactly how to break down her victims’ defenses. And sure, he might double-cross her in The Acolyte’s second episode — a slight Mae tries to murder him for — but it’s worth noting that he’s strong enough to fend off her attack. A drunken smuggler shouldn’t be able to stand toe-to-toe with a trained Sith apprentice, no matter how clever he claims to be. Qimir and his powers of perception are clearly a lot stronger than he lets on.

The Acolyte has only just begun, so our Sith villain’s identity may remain under wraps for some time. As the mystery unfurls, though, it’s impossible to ignore the prime suspect right under our noses. Qimir seems like an unlikely candidate on paper, but it wouldn’t be the first time a charming rogue turned out to be the epitome of prime evil. The Acolyte’s big villain reveal could be taking a page from The Rings of Power. If so, it’s only a matter of time before Qimir reveals his true colors.

The Acolyte is streaming on Disney+.

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