Secret Westworld Season 3 trailers tease a big Man In Black surprise

Welcome to the end of the game.

We're just a few weeks away from the debut of Westworld Season 3 on HBO on March 15. While we still don't have a clear idea what to expect from the upcoming batch of episodes, some sharp-eyed fans of the show have discovered a handful of teasers hidden within a HBO-made website for a fictional company that will play a pivotal role in the story to come.

HBO's marketing for Westworld Season 3 is as trippy and mind-bending as the show itself: the network sponsored a panel for the Wired 25 conference about big data under the mysterious name "Incite, inc.," then in November a website went live describing Incite's corporate philosophy and services. This is where the fans recently uncovered this secret teaser, according to io9.

There's a tab on the site labeled "Data Privacy." When it's clicked, a window appears prompting you to "start your journey." The corresponding window, plays the Season 3 official trailer. However, Reddit user MTC_Chickpea realized the trailers cycle through four different options every 25 tries or so, providing trailers ranging from jokey romcom parodies to a glimpse into everyone's favorite time-bending cowboy, William, aka The Man in Black.

The code that leads to the mysterious secret trailer


There are even clues before the trailers themselves: the site flashes a bunch of code on-screen, "analyzing" your social presence and sorting you into a "category" that determines which trailer is displayed. "

  • Category G: "compliant behavior, strong social entanglement, high manipulation quotient" results in the the official trailer.
  • Category N: "neural imbalances, maladaptive behavior, enuresis" displays the slightly altered "Your World" trailer.
  • Category P: "overdeveloped idealism, fetishistic tendencies, erotomania" links to the saccharine rom-com "When Caleb Meets Dolores" cut.
  • Category C: "heighten aggression responses, persecutory delusions, resistance to social conditioning" gets you the ominous "Free Will" trailer.

It's in the "Your World" and "Free Will" trailers we get clues about William. After the shocking post-credits scene in the Season 2 finale, it's more or less confirmed that The Man in Black is a host, or at least will become one in the future.

The "Your World" trailer reveals select dialogue from the new season – Maeve says, "You've turned a young man before, haven't you...unleashed the darkness inside of him. Whoever he is, he can't save you now." The editing of the trailer leads us to believe the turned man in question is in fact William, and the new attempt appears to be Aaron Paul's cryptic new character, Caleb.

We also see William wearing a white jumpsuit, and Dolores in her classic Season 1 dress approaching him to say, "welcome to the end of the game." William doesn't seem to have any reaction to this, which rings major host alarm bells.

Meanwhile, in the "Free Will" trailer, the only glimpse we have of William is him waking up in an overflowing bath, then clambering out clutching a pistol with a silencer.

Staying underwater for that long, long enough for a bath to overflow, is surely only possible in a host body, meaning while William was a host in the flash-forward post-credits scene, we can expect him to be a host in Season 3 as well, an exciting development considering the incoming revolution led by Dolores.

Westworld returns to HBO March 15.

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