WandaVision ending changed? Marvel fans just noticed something strange

The updated scene has fans debating if Doctor Strange makes an appearance.

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WandaVision may have one more surprise up its sleeve. It appears Marvel has updated the Disney+ show’s final post-credits scene with more trees, one less duck and an invisible floating blob that some viewers are convinced is Doctor Strange.

But what’s really going on with WandaVision? And could it reveal how the Disney+ show connects to Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness? Let’s dive in.

Fans noticed these small changes in the scene that reveals Wanda’s new home in a secluded cabin in the forest after she left Westview at the end of WandaVision. They also noticed a change in the credits. Michael Giacchino, who composed the score for Doctor Strange, was added to the list of composers. Giacchino was not credited when WandaVision’s finale initially aired.

While the fuller forest, disappeared duck, and Giacchino’s credit are the most apparent updates, fans are zeroing in on the weird semi-transparent mark that flies down the mountains and carries on into the next shot that shows Wanda walking into her cabin.

Is this an editing error, or is Marvel hinting at the Doctor Strange visit that never happened in WandaVision?

Is Doctor Strange in WandaVision?

Is Doctor Strange in WandaVision?


Doctor Strange was originally meant to appear in WandaVision but was written out of the finale so that his appearance wouldn’t overshadow Wanda in the show’s ending.

Fans were disappointed that the rumored Benedict Cumberbatch cameo didn’t happen – especially after Paul Bettany teased a surprise cameo at one point during the season. This has led some to think that the blob, which looks sort of human, is actually Doctor Strange descending onto Wanda’s doorstep.

Unfortunately for those disappointed yet hopeful fans, the blob — strange as it may be — is most likely an editing mistake, as one Redditor points out.

A WandaVision editing mistake?

On Reddit, user u/Cinephobe published a short video that shows the old and new credits scenes side by side. The video highlights the major differences between the scenes, such as the changes to the forests and scenery.

Cinephobe also points out how the light in the original scene was distracting. This suggests Marvel editors might have noticed that too and decided to digitally remove it. However, when doing so, it seems they left behind a tracking patch that looks a bit like Doctor Strange arriving at Wanda’s home — if you squint really hard.

As for Giacchino’s credit as composer, WandaVision director Matt Shakman confirmed to IGN that the Doctor Strange score was used in the post-credits scene. It’s likely that Marvel wanted to avoid spoilers by initially excluding Giacchino from the credits, knowing sharp-eyed fans would spot the composer’s name and expect an appearance from Doctor Strange.

While WandaVision had its fair share of surprises, it seems like this apparent update to its post-credits scene isn’t one of them.

WandaVision is now streaming on Disney+.

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