Twisters Looks Ridiculous, But Could Actually Live Up to the Iconic Original

Glen Powell and Daisy Edgar-Jones take on twin twisters and each other.

Daisy Edgar-Jones and Glen Powell in Twisters
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When it comes to sequels, audiences generally expect more of whatever came before. Twisters isn’t exactly a sequel to 1996’s Twister, but on subject matter alone, you can’t deny that the 2024 film owes a lot to its predecessor.

Thanks to its latest trailer, we now know just how closely it mirrors the beats of Twister, from the odd couple driving the action to their respective fascination with natural phenomena. Normal People’s Daisy Edgar-Jones is Kate Cooper, a by-the-book scientist who’s been studying tornadoes for years. Not unlike Twister’s Jo Harding (Helen Hunt), she’s traumatized by a near-fatal experience, but a once-in-a-generation tornado outbreak in the Midwest forces her back into action.

Kate finds a kindred spirit in Tyler Owens (Glen Powell), a cavalier “tornado wrangler” who seems to reawaken her daredevil streak. Their unlikely partnership and palpable chemistry will, of course, be tested by natural disasters. As their respective teams race against time to neutralize the twisters plaguing Oklahoma, Kate and Tyler will have to survive a gauntlet of destruction, including an errant train and a full-on firestorm.

Directed by Minari’s Lee Isaac Chung and written by The Revenant’s Mark L. Smith, Twisters is definitely more movie than Twister. The past 30 years of technical advances have made it possible to up the stakes, and the visual effects appear just as immersive as Twister’s were in the ‘90s.

Though Twister's director, Jan De Bont, wasn’t consulted for the reboot, Chung has proven to be a promising successor. Twisters is a far cry from the understated, intimate Minari, but the upcoming film seems to understand what made Twister the perfect summer blockbuster, from its harrowing set pieces to quotable if cringey quips.

Paired with a game cast of future stars — including Katy O’Brian (Love Lies Bleeding), Brandon Perea (Nope), and Superman’s own David Corenswet — Twisters might be just the legasequel we need this summer. Or at least it will be a good excuse to devour a huge bag of popcorn in an air-conditioned movie theater.

Twisters opens in theaters July 19.

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