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Thor 4 leak fixes one of our biggest concerns with its villain

Looks like Thor 4 has more in store.

Marvel leaks are a major part of the MCU fandom experience. Maybe it’s an iffy leak about who could be appearing in Multiverse of Madness, or the bluescreen photo of Spider-Man (and Spider-Man and Spider-Man) seen ‘round the world. But while there’s usually some fantastic plot detail that can be extrapolated from set leaks, the latest Thor 4 leak doesn’t just suggest more about the plot: It corrects a past leak too.

According to The Ankler, Christian Bale is currently in reshoots for Thor: Love and Thunder. Bale plays Gorr the God Butcher, the big villain of the piece. Although not much is known of his character, if Gorr is anything like his comics counterpart he’ll pose quite the threat for Thor and Jane Foster.

However, the fact that they’re reshoots means something wasn’t right with principal photography. Maybe the issue was a simple one: Not enough Gorr. Previous leaks for Thor 4 reported Christian Bale wasn’t on set in Australia until months after filming began, suggesting an initial cut simply didn’t show enough of the villain.

Gorr the God Butcher in the comics.

Marvel Comics

This is a pleasant surprise, as Christian Bale was an unexpected get for the film, and the more screen time he gets the better. If Jeff Goldblum’s past heel turn is any indicator, any opportunity for a notable star to be the over-the-top villain of a Taika Waititi Thor movie shouldn’t be wasted.

However, this leak isn’t confirmation that Gorr will become a bigger part of the film. Reshoots are difficult to predict, and his parts may just need to be re-filmed to change the look of Gorr or adjust a plot point. Still, it’s hard to imagine an extended film schedule with the man who was both Patrick Bateman and Batman that doesn’t include some extra scenes.

Jeff Goldblum’s villain was an instant fan favorite in Taika Waititi’s last Thor movie, Thor: Ragnarok.

Marvel Studios

This leak is just a reminder that reports from set don’t necessarily mean reflect what will be in the final cut. Take, for example, The Batman. Set leaks featured Zoe Kravitz as Selina Kyle in the funeral scene, but in the final cut the character was someone else entirely.

The Inverse Analysis — While this leak is a balm to Thor fans everywhere, it’s also a reminder that movies, especially blockbusters like Thor: Love and Thunder, are constantly changing. Scenes we see or hear about may end up cut or retooled in reshoots. Is that going to stop fans from speculating? Of course not, but it’s a welcome reality check.

Thor: Love and Thunder premieres in theaters July 8, 2022.

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