The eye of the storm.

'The Boys' Season 2 villain may prove more terrifying than Homelander

A storm is coming.

While there is currently no scheduled release date for Season 2 of Amazon’s The Boys, expect the next set of episodes to deal with the ramifications of that massive cliffhanger in the finale. When we left off, the Seven were unraveling at the seams and Vought’s corporate power looked to flounder following the murder of its vice president Madelyn Stillwell. To top it all off, a newly-revealed villain may throw a wrench in the Boys’ plans and prove even more frightening than Homelander as we head into Season 2.

Warning! Potential spoilers ahead for The Boys Season 2

Entertainment Weekly recently unveiled first-look photos of Stormfront, the latest member to join the Seven. Portrayed by You’re the Worst’s Aya Cash, the genderbent character is being described as a “grenade” thrown into the world of The Boys to stir up some trouble. Stormfront seems to have it out for Homelander in particular, with Cash confirming that her character will “challenge” the leader of the Seven and that their dynamic is “terrifying and will change who Homelander is.”

Since blackmail is always an option, it is possible Stormfront will learn that Homelander raped Butcher's wife Rebecca, using that information for leverage. Extortion aside, Stormfront will no doubt shake things up for Homelander in other ways, with Cash referring to her character as being more threatening than live ordnance.

“I think Stormfront is like a nuclear bomb that goes off in the Seven. Maybe nuclear bomb isn’t the right word. We’re in Chernobyl. There you go. It’s a Chernobyl thing.”

In the comics, Stormfront is second only to Homelander in power, a bit of a cross between DC's Shazam and Marvel's Thor. Raised as a supporter of Hitler and the Third Reich, Stormfront was one of the first people to successfully be administered Compound V, which bestows humans with super-powered abilities. Like her comics counterpart, Stormfront has the power to fly at superspeed, can control electricity, and is practically invulnerable. Her outfit alone hints at the sinister motives of the character — the black and dark purple shades offer a foreboding sense of domination, while the silver American flag cuffs lend a false sheen of patriotism.

Stormfront has Nazi values and that alone is disturbing.

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We know that The Boys twists superheroes into corporate-backed supervillains with dark moral compasses, so Stormfront’s sense of righteousness and power will probably come from a place of evil. Should Season 2 follow the trajectory of Stormfront’s Nazi origins, expect her to have some disturbing ideas about changing Vought and getting “back to the original idea behind creating superheroes." Here’s how Cash puts it:

“You start off this season thinking she’s one thing and then discover she’s another. There are quite a few times where you’ll identify with her as an audience member or agree with what she says. I think [those] are the most dangerous people.”

Stormfront is certainly here to ruffle some feathers and her presence falls in line with Season 2’s themes of subversion and destablization. Everything about the new villain thus far seems to indicate that she’s nearly as diabolical as Homelander, which is disturbing all on its own.

The Boys Season 1 is currently streaming on Amazon.

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