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Everything we know about Spider-Man 4

Tom Holland’s next Spider-Man movie is confirmed, but will Zendaya return?

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Now that Spider-Man: No Way Home has arrived, there’s one huge question on every Marvel fan’s mind: When will we see Tom Holland’s Peter Parker again? Is Spider-Man 4 confirmed? What does Kevin Feige say? And what about Sony and Disney’s thorny legal issues that almost torpedoed No Way Home in the first place?

With a trilogy in the can, here’s everything we know (or think we know) about Spider-Man 4. Warning! Spoilers ahead for the plot of Spider-Man: No Way Home.

Is Spider-Man 4 happening?

Yes! Speaking to the New York Times, Marvel boss Kevin Feige confirmed that a sequel is in active development.

“[Sony producer] Amy Pascal and I, and Disney and Sony are actively beginning to develop where the story goes next,” he said, quickly putting to rest any fears that we could see another contract dispute like the one that followed Spider-Man: Far From Home’s release.

Pascal has offered similar statements, saying she “loves working with Kevin” and hopes their partnership “lasts forever.” While she previously hinted that the Sony/Marvel deal could yield an entire new trilogy of Spider-Man films, she’s recently walked that back to just the one Spider-Man 4 — for now.

Speaking to Variety at No Way Home’s red carpet premiere, Spider-Man producer Amy Pascal commented on the future of the franchise.

"As long as [Holland] wants to make Spider-Man movies, we will make Spider-Man movies," Pascal said. "But I'm a producer, and I always think everything is going to work out. If I have my way we will."

That’s probably as good of an answer as we’re going to get for now. Behind closed doors, Sony and Marvel are likely negotiating over Peter Parker’s future. The last time that happened, we got No Way Home and the promise that Spider-Man would appear in one other Marvel movie.

Recent rumors suggest the studios want to make an entire new trilogy — possibly with Disney+ tie-in shows — but nothing is confirmed yet.

When will Spider-Man 4 be released?

Tom Holland, Zendaya, and Jacob Batalon in No Way Home.


We have no idea, but we can make some educated guesses.

The average timeline from the start of production to release for a Marvel movie is roughly 18 months. That means if Sony announced a new Spider-Man movie tomorrow, it probably wouldn’t come out until June 2023 at the earliest.

Of course, that assumes production could start immediately. More likely, it will take months of negotiation to figure out Spidey’s cinematic future. Plus, there’s also the possibility that Tom Holland gets drafted into some other crossover Marvel movie, which could push back a proper sequel.

Is there a Spider-Man 4 trailer?

No, and we won’t be getting one for a very long while. Try again in *checks notes* early 2023?

Is Tom Holland in Spider-Man 4?

Is Tom Holland leaving the MCU?


Again, we can’t say for sure. Holland has managed to avoid spoiling his Marvel future, and the movie itself is still unconfirmed for now. However, if you’ve seen No Way Home you know the ending sets up Tom Holland to continue on as Spider-Man, so it’s definitely possible.

Who else is in the Spider-Man 4 cast?

Given the way the movie ends (spoiler alert: everyone in the world forgets Peter Parker) we could see an entirely new cast. Then again, we have a feeling Peter will keep trying to rebuild his relationships with Ned and MJ in a potential sequel. No Way Home’s ending also leaves open the possibility that the other Spider-Men played by Tobey Maguire and Andrew Garfield could return.

What’s the Spider-Man 4 plot?

We literally have no idea. No Way Home ends with Peter alone and poor, but still Spider-Man. It’s possible the next movie could pick up soon afterward with a grounded story. But it could just as easily take us to space, or another dimension, or team Spider-Man up with Wolverine. Anything is possible.

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