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Will Sonic the Hedgehog release on Netflix? Here's what you need to know.

The blue blur is dominating the box office, but when will Sonic sprint onto streaming platforms?

Despite a rocky beginning, Sonic the Hedgehog is now the biggest movie in the world, proving that the famous blue blur doesn't need a headstart to win the race. But if you're not a fan of shelling out $10 or even $20) to see a movie (plus the price of popcorn!) you're probably wondering when Sonic will sprint his way over to Netflix — or Hulu, or HBO, or Amazon Prime.

Can't stand the wait? Here's what you need to know about Sonic's streaming release date.


Will Sonic the Hedgehog get a Netflix release date?

Sadly, no. Sonic the Hedgehog was produced by Paramount Pictures, which has a streaming deal with Epix. The cable channel/streaming service is available for $5.99 per month, and it's your best bet at streaming Sonic online — at least until Paramount's Epix deal expires in 2022.

The one possible exception is that Netflix could acquire Epix as part of a bigger rumored deal to buy its parent company MGM. That's all just speculation for now, but we wouldn't rule it out either. MGM is reportedly up for sale, with multiple companies including Netflix and Apple interested in picking up the studio and its expansive library, which includes the James Bond movies.

In the meantime, Sonic fans can take solace in the fact that Netflix does have a few other animated options. You can check out the '90s Sonic cartoon along with Sonic X from the early 2000s.


Will Sonic the Hedgehog release on Hulu, Amazon, or HBO?

Again, no. Like we said, the only place you can expect to stream Sonic anytime soon is on Epix. On the plus side, a few months from now, when the movie releases digitally, you'll be able to rent it on Amazon and other digital stores for just a few bucks.

Sonic the Hedgehog is in theaters now.

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